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Changes that are already running in WhatsApp and which you definitely did not install

December 13, 2018

The application showed up-to-date information with interesting changes that many users noticed. Have a look!

WhatsApp it was continually updated throughout 2018 with various updates that include operating system options and features.

A couple of days ago, the application made it available for download on operating systems Android e iOS his last version 2.18.361.

And with it, a modification that most users noticed was made: a change in the schedule of recent connections and messages received and sent.

From now on, those who have updated WhatsApp will stop seeing the time format "a.m." and "p.m." and will see it more precisely: "in the morning","afternoon"And"at night"For instance.

In 2009, the company WhatsApp Inc. It was founded Jan Koum creating a reasonable agenda that allowed interaction between contacts.

The application, which mutated over time, was purchased Facebook In February 2014, in exchange for $ 19 billion, it is estimated that it now has 1.5 billion active users who use their services daily to send their reports.

Group calls
Just like some instant messaging changes are already available, others are expected to be great news for WhatsApp in the coming months.

In this case, an advance known in the Android version is already available in version 2.18.373 beta and will soon be ready for public app users.

This is an option for making audio and video calls in groups that are ideal for user communications, which can select up to three contacts at different points.

The way to use it will be simple: just select the ring button, and so you can select up to three people in the selection box.

Caution! WhatsApp will stop working on these phones in 2019

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