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cases grow up among the youngest and with studies

The age group that focuses on people who are most affected by HIV has fallen in the province over recent years. They have between 25 and 30 years the majority of those who, until they were diagnosed, concentrated around 35 years of age.

The owner indicated this Provincial AIDS Program, Dr. Víctor Bittar who said that this is particularly related to some degree of rigidity in prevention activities. But he also warned that it is particularly surprising that the number of people with a higher education who has been diagnosed with HIV infection has increased. This segment was 34.8% in 2017 and 31.8% in this year.

However most of the new diagnosis is still people with secondary education, this year 44.5% of the cases.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a forerunner of AIDS, it has been established in the community since the 80's and scientific advances have made it possible to identify mechanisms to prevent it and treatments that reduce effects. There are also strong awareness-raising campaigns to work on prevention, such as what happens to everyone December 1, International Day for the Eradication of AIDS. It is therefore surprising that transmissions continue.

The number of cases diagnosed and registered this year dropped dramatically, but from the program they explained that there were delays in statements that explain the phenomenon and evaluate The year will end in mid-2019.

So then In 2018, 185 HIV and 46 AIDS cases were reported, compared with 296 and 61, respectively, identified last year. Bittar warned that they will estimate that by the end of the year 300 will reach 300, and that the province has been offering 300 new HIV diagnoses for a while.

On the other hand, this stagnation does not stop paying attention too. Although information and access to preventive measures is available, the last 8 years have presented a list of new cases that almost duplicate the past decade.

Between 2000 and 2009, 1432 new HIV diagnoses were reported in Mendoza, with 2,753 cases reported between 2010 and 2018.

"We do not have absolute truths, we believe that care is relaxed, and people should take preventive measures, young people know what HIV is and how to care for themselves, but they admit that they do not always use condoms," she said. But also an important source of transmission is oral sex, most of which does not use protection, because they do not think that such transmission can take place in this way.

"Sometimes you know things, but the ceiling bath is not taken into account, and many practices take place with the consumption of alcohol or other substances and do not know having sex with" added the owner of the program.

Masculinity Index

Men are still the most affected and actually increased the masculinity index for the last time.

This year, 75.68% of new diagnoses were cis men (biological men who perceive themselves as such), 21.1% cis female and 3.2% trans-females.

This year, a masculinity index, which already saw a huge gap between women and biological men with HIV / AIDS, grew. After several years of submission a 2.7 although with a slight peak change, In 2018 he got 3.7. It means that Each biological woman has 3.7 men with this infection.

Main activities


* 9 to 13.30. Suggestions and tests:
CONI (city), University Hospital (city), as well as Palmyra (San Martín) prevention, counseling and testing centers, La Colonia (Junín). Las Heras and OSC Vida Infantil will perform a test at Plaza Marcos Burgos.
* 9 to 13 UNCuyo Faculty of Medicine: Office and Testing, in front of the former rector.
* 11 to 14. Next to the university dining hall.


* Almafuerte Complex (Luján de Cuyo) and Youth (City) Complex.
Municipal HIV / AIDS Program – Guaymallén
* 10 to 13. Consultation and verification in the Guaymallén municipality's esplanade.
Medical Medical Center (Rodríguez and Pueirredón) 8 to 13 and 16 to 21.

Saturday December 1st

* Provincial AIDS Program, Osep, UNCuyo Faculty of Medicine and Hospital Sanmartine Park, Rosedal ahead of 9 to 13, carry out inspections and activities.
* Mendoza City Municipality. From the 18th Century Park
Rock and Life Foundation. From age 18 to Paseo Alameda (Córdoba and San Martín de Ciudad). Consultations and tests, artistic intervention and information stand.
* Municipal HIV / AIDS Program – Guaymallén. Counseling and verification will take place between 17 and 21 Predio de la Virgen.

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