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Carolina Papaleo descolocó to Nazarena Vélez | DailyShow

In the context of judicial conflict with Federico Bal Nazarena Vélez provided a mobile device in the entertainment cycle Moria Casan every day in the afternoon and updated how the conflict happens to the son Santiago Bal.

In the midst of deep liberation, Naza persuaded the complainant: "I had no problem if he had one end, but I did the second thing"with reference to award ceremonies"Starfish"from the best Mar del Plata season in which he will not participate and what appeared in the last hours, Federico Bal is not present Laurita Fernández.

Although the manufacturer slipped that seemed "troublesome" by the son Carmen Barbieri did in court Caroline Papaleo, panelist Wrong, she shot a question that surprised her and even left her very exposed. "Are you in good health?" what Naza said: "Very good ".

However, Papaleo was unable to resolve his imminent response and asked: "Because I saw it was the second or third time you didn't have a good pulse. What's that?" . The air that led the actress to stay at Velez was blocked and had to admit the truth between the laughter. "I was ashamed because I came here. Try not to send me forward, " joked Nazu, who is doing the theater season Takes the truth next to Adriana Salgueiro, Beto Cesar, Tito Esperanza, Santiago Camaño, Gimena Vecchio and Valeria Quijano.

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