Sunday , April 18 2021

Carla Conte was broken when it comes to Showmatch – Shows in the section "cut skirts"

"Ten years ago, they were cut on television," said Thelma Fardín, Luciana Pecker, when she interviewed her as Página 12, a note in which she provided many details about the beast that she suffered at the age of 16 when Juan Darthes was on the tour "Ugly Monkey" .

Actor Sayings revealed several "Showmatch" videos when the cumbia rhythm after the dance was cut off by a poller woman. It was the same Luciana Pecker, who, in talks with the Confrontados, recalled that Carla Conte was one of the few who dared to say no to Marcelo Tinelli, the person responsible for cutting off skirts.

Confrontados contacted the journalist to talk about Thelma's complaint, but she used the start of the mark to present to Carla. "Ten years ago, they cut your candle to the TV and you're what you did not say, I want to save all women who have made history at this moment, you did it, because on television it's not that the links are not cut. One thing is cut yourself and put your short skirt as you want it, and another thing is to cut it off without your will, "Pecker said.

Listening to Peker's words, Carla finally got down to life, notoriously shocked not only in his sentences, but with everything that happened during the week.

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