Sunday , April 11 2021

Buenos Aires legislator allowed online game in the city

The Buenos-Nanos legislature allowed an online game in an area where it has so far been illegitimate and qualified for betting on football game results, although it prohibits directors and players from participating clubs. The local state expects 500 million pesos.

The law is obtained 34 votes in favor of a ruling and 22 against the opponent's blocks, which increased their resistance to the damage that may result from this action, such as gambling.

The initiative establishes "online games" and distinguishes between "chances or skills, sports betting, virtual gambling and non-sports betting by machines, tools or support tools, any type or technology", points Telam.

The vote was added during the part-session between the administration of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the city and the administration of María Eugenia Vidal of the Province of Buenos Aires coordination of activities using online games between the two jurisdictions.

According to executive officials before the rule of law, about a thousand websites that sold gambling were secretly revealed, for which the rules were advertised, so that the state could bet rates in order to protect the "the rights of minors, consumers and users, as well as preventing money laundering. "

The event, in turn, prohibits players involved in sporting events such as football matches "athletes, coaches or other direct participants in an event or sporting activities for which a bet has been paid, and sports organizations or organizers involved in the event or sporting activities that are betting"

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