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Boudou arrived at his home in Barraca, and was not expected from militants or applause – 12/12/2018

Just over 24 hours after the court of the Federal Court 4 decided to release him, former Vice President Amado Boudou He returned to his house in Barracas. However, his arrival it was a long way from the times when he came back, with a smile, greetings to K fighters who caught him: Laninas Street he did not have any fans or fans. Just a noise to the city.

Boud was convicted in August for 5 years and 10 months in prison for being guilty of bribery and negotiations that is incompatible with the state service in the scandalous Ciccone case. His lawyer, Graceen Peñaraforus, went to Ezeiza Prison to accompany him after he had donated a million pesos. From there, former vice president K came out electronic bracket I had a penitentiary team sent to a team of technicians in jail.

"I will continue to defend my innocence" were the first words Amado Boudou left for Ezeiza Prison, where he was just over four months old, accused of bribery. Speaking with the press, the former vice-president with a white shirt, light trousers and a peaceful signal regained his freedom at the request of his lawyers Alejandro Rúa and Graciana Peñafort.

TOF 4 on Tuesday ordered Boduou's release, which was held at Ezeiza Prison after his sentence of up to 5 years and 10 months in prison for maneuvers to preserve the printing company Ciccone Calcográfica and to find out the contract established by the Court of Justice for the production of legal tender.

With the judges' votes María Gabriela López Iñíguez and Adriana Palliottiand the domineering Nestor Costabel, the court demanded a one million pesos detention, which Boudo's relatives managed to collect on Wednesday and deposited in court accounts in the afternoon.

After this process was completed and when the deposit was submitted to TOF4, Boudou was released after four months in prison, after his last arrest on 7 August, the judgment against him was difficult to know in the court of Ciccone.

From now on, the former Minister of Economics will have an electronic device with GPS, placed before the judge by the Ministry of Justice's staff, with whom he will be monitored so that he does not violate Restrict movement away from your home more than a hundred kilometers away.

The building where Amado Boudou lives in Barracas

The building where Amado Boudou lives in Barracas

José María Núñez Carmona, a Boudou partner and friend since midnight in Mar del Plata, sought the same benefits as the former Minister of Economic Affairs, and the Oral Tribunal will determine his situation on Thursday.

The surprise release Boudou began to take place last Friday after prosecution without proactive arrestBank Jorge Brito and former AFIP Director Ricardo Echegaray, known as Ciccone II, which investigated funding to enable Boudou and its partners to purchase printed matter. Thereby Former Deputy Defender prayed for TOF 4 to follow the dissertation that Judge Lijo had with themSince there would be no risk of delaying the Ciccone II investigation – and mostly not an investigation, since he has already been convicted, there is no reason why the outcome of a criminal investigation in the Cassation Chamber should be awaiting.

August TOF 4 found the former guilty of crimes bribery and conversations that are incompatible with the civil service in the Ciccone case. In turn, Alejandro Rúa and Gracia Penaforta, as it is still not firm, condemning the trial of the purchase of a printing press, said that it corresponds to the "look" at Boudou Prison.

The prosecutor first asserted the sentence in court, Marcelo Colombo, followed by the signature by Judges Lopez Íniguez and Palliloti, on which "the objective elements taken into account to allow Amado Boudou to freely negotiate the debate have not changed at all, moreover, in this first instance, a condemnable sentence has been issuedDixit

As for the flight risk, the magistrates indicated that it could not be ignored Boudou "belongs to the political sector, which runs counter to what today's national police force is, which would logically weaken the probability of success before attempting to illegally leave the country. "In addition," there is no reason to believe that Boudou has a kind of link with the current government. "

So they concluded that Avoiding "prophylactic arrests misuse"because "not only does not comply with our constitutional system and criminal procedure, but because strict examination of the circumstances of the case" in this specific case on Boudou "does not allow to maintain" the arguments that were ordered him to be imprisoned. In addition to electronic stands, the court retained the Boudou passport, banned him from leaving the country and ordered him to report every two weeks.

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