Monday , April 19 2021

Born Uriel Salvador, son of Vika Xipolitakis

Vicky Xipolitakis He made his pregnancy a reality and came the most important moment. The media spoiled the bag two weeks earlier than expected, and the social networks shared it with the hospital.

Salvador Uriel, the fruits of his married child with Javier Naselli Born on Wednesday, December 12, at noon. 21:40 and weighs 2900 kilograms. Delivery was done in a caesarean case, and both mother and son are perfectly suited.

Just knowing that his wife was in a sanatorium, the businessman took a flight from New York to Buenos Aires, but did not wait for her baby to arrive.

Xipolitakis was expecting his child to arrive on December 27, but life struck him with her planned arrival. Recall that in January this year, the star lost her pregnancy.

"While you are good, you are planning to start a family and I am very good, but we will wait for it to be sent by God. This is not the time, and I thank everyone for giving me the power that at some point was not." he said at that moment.

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