Monday , April 19 2021

Bonadio refused to postpone the investigation into Gianfranco Macri

Legal sources informed the NA that Gianfranco Macri, using his lawyers, requested that the hearing, scheduled for Thursday this Thursday, be postponed. 10 who is still outside and will arrive in the country on Friday morning early.

Bonadio, however, rejected the deferral, and the brother of the president-in-state must be warned, that is, if it does not, it will happen to be searched by public forces.

So much for Franco Macri, lawyers asked to stop the hearing when they said it The president's father of the nation has serious health problems and he is not able to make a statement about the investigation.

According to sources, along with the statement, lawyers filed a medical certificate indicating the state of Frank McCarthy to the judge, and possibly arrange an expert opinion to confirm this situation.

Bonadio quoted them with other merchants, including Eduardo Eurnekian, for North Access and Autostrist del Sol S.A. and they are being charged with bribes for Western access through Western SA's concession group.

The list of invited persons is the businessman Gerardo Ferreyra of Electroingenieria, who is already detained proactively as a member of illegal associations for making unlawful payments to public works.

Many of the accused are quoted repeatedly, as judge Bonadio rejected the mother's cause and split up an investigation into charges for transport, road concessions, or public works.

For this reason, former ex-retired employees Claudio Uberti, a former civil servant of the Road Traffic Control Authority (OCCOVI) and former Secretary of Public Affairs José López, as well as former Transport Secretary Ricardo Jaime and former Federal Minister for Planning, Julio De Vido, are again mentioned.

The new fixed studies are prolonged until the next 27 December, after ten days, to resolve the procedural situation.

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