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Boca is also playing … – Nov 13, 2013

Each with its own ways, each with its own roads, Boka and the river had reached the first planLibertadores l with the opposite conclusions of the analysis. The Guillermo team, which has the full goal, and must be full of a related game, while his opponent, is almost his opposite: a good game, but with an easier conversion. The Gallardo team's football is highly praised but …

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The Bombonera first deal undoubtedly the most advanced goal was Wanchope Abil's goal, and one of the key points was Pablo Pérez, which did not have great games. The Boca captain could never synchronize with his teammates, and he did not physically perceive it, but after 33 minutes in the first half he was a tune and was the main first gate of the genesis.

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Wanchope goal development

Perez merged with Leo Jar and saw that Sebastian Villa was rarely closed. Columbia landed with Nandess, who, on the one hand, changed the band to Olaz. The former Taller came in and waited until it was delivered to Wanchope, who was in the hand with Martinez Quarta. After profiling to finish, and that Armani's reaction well, Ramon did not remove, he searched and finished again 1-0.

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Wanchope goal: Armani could not have shot

R. Abila (B) goal. Boca 1 – 0. River (East). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOX Sports Premium.

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The rest? The ball cut off the ball, after a mistake in the trademark and Armani doubted Benedetto changed his target, the attention to Boca's mark, which, after Pratto's excellent definition, was put on 1-1, and this ball stopped, but it once was on the river and against the word against Izquierdoz.

In short, the river and its associations in this game were more frequent during the year, but Boca's first finals also showed that their goals can be achieved through the game. And if not, you should look for Wanchope again.

This means that Wanchope's goal was to live on La Bombonera

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