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"Boca Field will be planted by the river" – August 11, 2015


"We are going to talk about this final coming generation. The Boca field will set the river and conditions will be set to get the rhythm ", compiled by Maxi Benozzi, who journalists cover the river's day against the Clarín newspaper. Of course, the river does not work alone … "And Boca will try to take advantage of the local situation, he will want to move forward, and the Gallardo team will try to abandon it."

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Succession Muñeco continues to be the subject of discussions. "We know how important it is Gallardo, but somehow he is and players know it. He has his own tactical plan, "he added.

"The river will look for a rhythm"

Maxi Benozzi, journalist Clarín, analyzes the final Oleg.

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Who should play Ponzio? "I mean Zuculini maybe with Enzo Pérez. For those who are within the yellow limits, I think we have to think about this game and not save, but do everything.

Maxi Benozzi (journalist who usually covers river information by Diario Clarín)

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