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Beto Alonso's Poisonous Duty to President Mauricio Macri – 12/15/2015

Copa Libertadores final between the river and Boca still offers blows. As protagonists, former players from both sides dictate sentences and talk about how they face the future. In this scenario, and thanks to their winning party euphoria, Beto Alonso, one of the greatest idolaters in the river history, also said that he himself and even is a respectable president of Mauricio Macri.

"I would say Mauricio goes and touch the Gallardo ass to see if he takes Argentina from this quilombo", shot Beto No Todo Pasa (TyC Sports) in response to the president who had passed the coulomb coach in the first round for his alleged fate in recent clashes with Boca.

McCrae's phrase, breaking away from and out of any protocol, was leaked to the environment and caused the entire Mundo River to be abandoned.

It happened during a presidential visit to a pharmaceutical laboratory where he was convinced in informal talks with workers before the Copa Libertadores final, albeit with some fears about Marcelo Gallardo's impression.

"How are we doing on Saturday?" The President asked, focusing on the first phase of the finals. Several employees told him they were fans of Boca. And there's a Macri got inside a fan: "This time we have to give this kulon de Gallardo …".

The first one to answer was Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, who warned that managers were obliged not to join the style of chicks or jokes. And after the fest he also commented on the theme of Marcelo Gallardo. "I do not think I have to be honest about this. He is the President of the Nation and deserves my respect as the Argentinean President", said Lelle with a height that seemed to be the last point of this situation. Until Beto Alonso crashed

This is not the first time that the phrase McRai football receives a strong response from the hero. The president of Superclásico also warned that the one who lost it "should recover for twenty years." Platenes striker José Vizcarra overwhelmed him on Twitter: "Compared to 200, what the state will do to regain its government, it's nothing."

And the river players also remembered Macri after the historic victory in Madrid: in the privacy of the locker room they put the cup on both the president and Boca's leader Daniel Angelici.

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