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Battlefield V: The harshness of the Second World War, for example, never before – 12/13/2018

The first-person action games they were once again a great year of competition, but few could be proud of a realistic simulation of armed conflict. With 13 titles under his belt, series Battlefield Electronic Arts has been looking for it for years his last part on the basis of the Second World War this is a big step forward in this regard, without asking for the Normandy landing or the Stalingrad battle.

After trying his luck during the First World War, the Swedish developer DICE used one of the war scenarios most used in this video game class, where the series was born in 2002. In this case, his view of the Second World War is the same historical period that its main competitor, Call of Duty, who chose the year before, remains faithful to the will to represent the harsh war, without taking into account any of its nuances.

From the outset, B-field V is committed to clearly identify the harshness of this war, which faced great forces and left millions of victims. During the series of multiple scenarios, the player contacts the game mechanics, their weapons and vehicles using both sides (English and German) soldiers on land and air.

Always epic as a flag, but without leaving as much sense as characterizing the entire game, the campaign mode called "War Stories" is a good way to start playing in the B War field. It's about three independent stories, created in different scenarios. rarely depicted from the Second World War.

In this case, we are planning to achieve resistance heroes, like the "Nordlys" that came to Nazi in Norway in 1943, fighters fought in France, RAF pilots, or men who encountered the African Corps in the desert.

Battlefield V - The New Name of the Electronic Arts War.

Battlefield V – The New Name of the Electronic Arts War.

Lastly, The Last Tiger, downloaded as download free on December 5, moved to Peter Müller, who was commander from Tiger I, and his team's experience in the last weeks of the last war. . Here is an example of what was the German army, which was emphasized between ideological fanaticism, patriotic obligations and war failures.

In addition to returning several classic modes such as "Domination" or "Conquest", Battlefield V decided to raise the bet for the "Operations" game mode, which was already included in the previous payment stage. The new "Big Operations" is a multi-screening campaign that lasts four days and forces the player into an allied or sharp-haired soldier's skin. The game is the most exciting mode that goes into the enemy territory, moving forward and trying to survive on the last day with limited resources.

The point to highlight Battlefield V is that it's very different depending on whether you have a group of friends to play with. Teamwork and good communication are key when it comes to success in different modes, not to mention online multiplayer mode, and this is also how best to play the game.

And if we all add that the visual and sound performance, which is taken for granted in any production of the Swedish team, also does not satisfy these aspects of Battlefield V. The Frostbite 3 graphics engine again offers a breakthrough that details details of large-scale scenarios and spectacular sound that accompany frustrated performance. Each shot, every blast feels like and from where it feels; And if you complete it with the possibility of destroying houses and buildings, breaking the walls and even exploding vehicles, the game's experience is finished.

The Battle Royale mode, which was popularized worldwide by Fortnite and PUBG, also came to this Battlefield franchise division. Although the so-called Firestorm (fire of Spanish, in Spanish) will not arrive until the first months of 2019, rumors suggest that it is promising to capture up to 64 players in the "biggest map of history in saga". Obviously, the idea of ​​this programmed delay by DICE and Electronic Arts is to maximize the interests of players along with other free additional content.

With an ambitious multiplayer mode as standard and, despite the odd error, Battlefield V is a first-person shooter that reappears at all and marvelous from any point of view, even to those who are not fanatics. .

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