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Audi E-Tron GT, sports beast with an electric heart, 590 HP and 400 kilometers from autonomy

A couple of months ago Audi introduced us to our e-Tron, the first 100% electric car that was delivered with a SUV design to the wider market and an interesting rate that drove the electricity market. After this first attempt, it is now a milestone to reach its new car, which aims at more sports markets, focusing on speed, but without abandoning the electrical nature. Introducing the new one Audi E-Tron GT.

The new Audi E-Tron family member is changing the design to portray itself as four-door sports coupe, which reminds us of the Audi A7, though with a stylish look that mixes between the sporty style and the magnificent German manufacturer's grand line.

0 to 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds

This Audi E-Tron GT comes with us Traction in four wheels, driven by two electric motors that offer us 590 HP, which will allow you to drive from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds. They say its autonomy will reach 400 kilometers thanks to its 90kWh battery.

A wonderful aspect is that the battery is positioned on the underside of the vehicle, but it's not like most cars of this type, but is thicker under the seat area and a much smaller area where the legs are located.

The E-Tron GT is compatible with a fast charge of 800 volts, which, according to them, for about 20 minutes can be loaded from zero to 80%. It is interesting to note that the car has two connection ports, one on each side, so there will be no meaning that you place to charge the vehicle, and if you use both ports, it will find double simultaneous charging in less standby.

The car will also be interconnected with inductive load using a pillow to be installed in a garage that does not have a quick charge, but is intended to charge all night. The advantage is that every day we will have to forget the connection of the car.

Audi E Tron Gt 3

But that's not all, because there will also be a cleaner interior that will have the minimum necessary to offer a zero-emission driving experience. In addition to pure electric E-Tron GT strives to be ecological, so that inside we will find artificial leather trim and seats will be produced with recycled fishing nets.

Audi confirmed it The E-Tron GT will start production in early 2021 for a price to be announced later.

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