Monday , October 18 2021

At least two dead and over 50 injured hotels meters from Obelisco


fire hotel camps


The first of the lethal victims died at Ramos Mejía Hospital. It was 55-year-old woman. The second it was a policeman who, in his duty, lost his life. He had come to the tragedy to save the victims.

They arrived at Argerich hospital three patients for inhalation of smoke and four patients from burns, Fernández nine after inhalation smoke to Rivadavia six adults and two minors inhaling smoke, Penna ten adults to smoke and Ramos Mejia for two adults and six minors with inhalation of smoke.

The fire started after noon. 16.30 Hotel Las Naciones in Corrientes, between Suipach and Esmeralda. Have got captured by people who can't go down because the fire is halfway.

The same staff, firefighters and the Buenos Aires police are already on stage. The The Corrient Avenue transit is reduced until the situation returns to normal.

Inside the building are people imprisoned who break several windows to get the air in.

Until now, it was not known what the cause of the fire was affecting the upper floors of the hotel.

"We think it was something exploded, meter, or something, it was a huge explosion, people started shouting at Corrientes Street, and we started to leave the hotel," said Fernando, who was inside the hotel.

"We saw people burnt out," he said.

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