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Argentine Football Surprises – 01/14/2019


When I go, it's because I come … When I come, it's because I go …

Flaco Menotti's concepts of oil company advertising were a fire for the 80-year-old teenage football fans who followed him as a totem. Menotti was then the chairman of the chair who had taken the main national issue – football – to a place we always deserve. The champion in the country where we think we are, Menotti made us world champions.

In our collective belief, he was the captain of the ship, who finally arrived at the port, given by the fate of size, which is always waiting for us. For the first time, it was relativized that the achievement was derived from the local and full dictatorship, then questioned and finally diluted.

Menotti won the Communist Party and always referred to live football with an excellent steering wheel in the Central Rosary (later in the race, in the mouth and in the Mouse's holy) with the technical champion of Huracan. out of court with passion for politics and books. That way, patented opinion.

Menotti is Argentine football. Or much of what we understand for him over the last 40 years. A reference forced by his light and the crack of the forerunner of the shore, which was with Carlos Bilardo, when both were completely.

That crack exceeded football differences – football beautiful against utilitarian, one of the aesthetics against. , advantages, lyrical against rustic, Cranky and simplified pigeonholing– And stretched out life.

You will fit The look of menotti about it if you liked to play cute, sacrificing little, wearing long hair, reading classics and creating. And you entered Look at Bilardo If you want to scroll the ball, shake your competitors, run a lot, use short hair, watch videos instead of reading books, and be obsessive.

Everything like simplification and dishonesty, as is the essence of Argentina: Bilardo was also a world champion with a team equal to or better than Menotti. El Flaco Pre-Authorized Players Type Bilardo -Passarella or Gallego- as did El Narigón with the players Menotti tipssuch as Maradona or Valdano.

Menotti is now returning from his place Patriarch consultant lead a project that Chiqui Tapia announces for 10 years and wants to renew its mandate with a man who is already 80 years old. And it returns to Argentine football, no longer a new world – one of Russia's failures, but a confusing superclásico, organized by Conmebol, but detonated by untraceable local seals. invincible barracks.

AFA management seems to be moving to the symbol that Menotti is still a serious problem recently, including Sampaoli's multimillionaire, the misgivings with Scaloni and the eternal hesitation with Gallardo, which Menotti praised. little "measured and with great experience". Will there be a door to the river's technical winner now?

In the 1980s, Menotti chooses to reveal himself in a brave context. As he explained in these oil shorts: Surprise is a concept that has to be done individually and collectively.

Tapia will try to use it to purify her leadership only when it reaches the middle of gray mandates, with many pains and no fame.

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