Saturday , July 24 2021

Argentina will run the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary RPM

From May 1 Manuel Mantilla it will be Mercedes-Benz Argentine President. The 45-year-old CEO will add this responsibility to his current function executive director Vans for the country. It will replace Roland Zeywhat will return to Germany how to world head no Aftersales Vans. Consequently, it will have entered its second cycle for the head of the subsidiary, whose steering wheel was from 2010 to 2014 and from 1 January 2018 to the first five months of this year. In his second phase, besides Mercedes-Benz Argentine driver, he was executive director Van on Latin America.

This is the first time that 68-year-old star subsidiary has a president who appeared from a subsidiary. The only previous Argentine people were Juan Manuel Fangio, who runs the directory in the 1960s and 1970s, he was an honorary president until his death in 1995 – although executive functions were responsible for managing the company. The second case was Jonathan Holcomb, who headed Daimler-Chrysler's then subsidiary between 2000 and 2004. However, born in Argentina, he was a foreigner who developed almost his entire career abroad.

Married, with two children Mantilla holds a business management degree from the University of Católica in Argentina (UCA).. It has a … MBAobtained Lehigh University, from Pennsylvania. In 2009 he joined Mercedes-Benz as Vans sales manager. In 2014 he became Managing Director of Vans, with whom he is responsible for the van business on the Argentine market. The new Mercedes-Benz Argentine CEO has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, where he held various General Motors marketing and sales functions. Argentina, Italy and Germany.

In the automotive world it is known as "Class X Father"as one who presented the business case in 2011 to prepare the first picking brand history.

Precisely, One of its main tasks will be the start of this project, the launch of which is scheduled for this year, is now deadlocked. The picking Mercedes-Benz would be one of three to illuminate the joint investment u $ 600 million between Nissan, Renault and a German car manufacturer in Cordoba. With a production target of 70,000 units a year, there are currently only 16,000 Asian brands.

Last year at González Catán factory Mercedes-Benz produced 20,000 units, of which 17,000 were from Sprinter. By 2019, it plans another 17,000 units mainly due to Brazilian demand. This year, the brand will launch its new version, which is designed after US $ 150 million investment.

Of the 2,200 people working at the Juan Manuel Fangio complex, 1800 is dedicated to this product. The utility assembly line works in two shifts. On the other hand, buses and trucks only work one. It was not the only productive correction. In January, due to a drop in sales in Argentina and, primarily, in Brazil, the company also lowered the Vito, a small van, launched in 2015, with USD 1,250 million invested in development from 2013 until its presentation.

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