Monday , April 19 2021

Are we using only 10% of the brain? This and other myths about the functioning of the mind

The neuroscience has been a big leap in recent years scientific expression That applies. And this made it possible to eliminate some beliefs about the brain and its potential. For example, it was considered that one hemisphere was responsible for logical tasks and for other creative people, or, for example, you might have the power of telepathy or lightning.

"We live in a world that constantly mixes between what is true and what is not, it's a society that takes on magical thought, with supernatural beings, with false truths," says Francis Mora, Neurology's doctor. Oxford University and "The Truths of Mysteries and Truths".

Below are three commonly used myths.

1) The brain allows you to read the mind, move objects, or guess the future

There are those who believe that some people are able to read other minds (telepathy), guess the future (clairvoyance) or move objects without touching them (telekinesis) This ability comes from magic thinking, fear and deceit. "It does not exist is not a well-documented and well-grounded study using a scientific method that confirms this person's mental abilities, "said a neologist.

2) The right hemisphere is creative, and logical – in the left hemisphere

It is considered that there are tasks that correspond right hemisphere and others to the left according to your intended capacity. This is meant because it was decided that the good part is creative and artistic, and the left is logic. "The brain is divided into two parts or parts that are hemispheres, on the one hand to the right and to the left, but do not work individually, but vice versa, both are physically and functionally connected through the fibrous band of nervous, known to corpus callosum. The brain works in general, thanks to the constant transfer of information from one hemisphere to another, "said Mora, getting rid of myth.

"There are more talents and abilities that are more binding or selective math what about Artor to science versus letters, is not related to the functional domination of one or the other hemisphere, but to the fulfillment of the functions of the final joints of both hemispheres and their interaction with the family environment and the culture in which they live. "Said the professor.

3) We use only 10% of our brain

It should be one of the most widely spread myths. "In both its anatomy and many of the functions it reveals throughout the individual's life, the brain needs complete integrity," writes Mora. If the myth was true What could biologically justify the exhaustion of all resources? Since the human brain is a very expensive organ for maintenance: its mass is only 2% of the total body, but it should consume 20% of the total oxygen we breathe in order to produce the energy required for its production. maintenance Is it possible to imagine with these spaces that the evolution has been so uncomfortable that it would make these huge energy expenditures useless and permanent? "

As for Mora, the fact that this faith continues continues to conceal "such unlawful interests as" the sale of possible methods that can help us achieve it, without too much effort, using a higher percentage of this incredible potential. "

Another Myth: 25 years ago, the science magazine Nature published a document stating that pre-renowned students listening to Mozart's piano sonatas for ten minutes significantly increased their soul's ability. The work had a huge impact on society, and thus "Mozart effect"It was later shown that the study was incorrect that it only served to sell more Mozart CDs and that in fact any stimulus could help at such moments.

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