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Approved the inclusion of Nordelta groups in the very hot session – 13/12/2018

As the Municipality of Tigris proposed to take bus lines enter Nordelta In order to improve public transport in the area, local people who are not satisfied with the municipality's event presented an alternative project, which they call "superadorus", and suggests to combine a private scheme with a company. This Thursday's formal proposal was approved by the Council of the Memorandum of Understanding extraordinary session very hot, where there were home-fight battles that were present in the room and condemned discrimination against a private transport company.

Nevertheless, the Transport Commission would have agreed with the neighboring countries a 90-day period so that they can validate their proposal and prove that it works.

A project presented by neighbors was called Comprehensive Transport Study, connecting public service line 723 with a private circuit. It consists of two stages. The first continues with the current private service provided by Mary Go, but more often every 30 minutes in maximum hours. And the second stage, which will meet Nordelta Rio, whose road will unite The door to all the interior countries, more public and private transfer centers.

"Internal transport will be what the neighbors pay in full"he said Clarin María Eugenia Tomasello, Vice-President, Los Castores Neighborhood Association.

Tomasello also ensures that the first phase, which is a transitional period, will last from 90 to 120 days, until the second stage, which will be the last, will be introduced.

"Nordelta will also have a bicycle path which connects all transfer centers. In addition, we will implement it electric vehicles to the internal chain to care for the environment, "says Tomasello.

On the other hand, there is the official proposal of the Municipio de Tigre, which aims at allowing the public line 723 to enter the internal chain. This idea was created strong rejection from the neighbors, who confirmed that this project would create greater insecurity in this area.

An extraordinary session of the deliberative council to discuss both projects started at noon. 10.00 in the morning. "If the official offer is approved, we will ask four month extension to reach positions and adjust the route 723 to Nordelta's internal chain ", added Tomasello.

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