Tuesday , October 26 2021

Apple corrects the failure of FaceTime and apologizes in the statement


By discovering a serious problem with Face Time that allowed users to spy on their contacts through a group call, Apple responded with a statement that ensures that the error is fixed.

"We have solved the FaceTime security bug in the Apple servers, and next week we will distribute a software update that will reactivate this feature to users," the company explained in the document.

He also referred to the first case reported by an American woman using social networks, apparently not taken into account by Apple and which could avoid hundreds of user complaints in the coming days.

"We thank the Thompson family for reporting errors. We sincerely apologize to the affected customers and everyone who was concerned about this security incident. "

FaceTime vulnerability affected particular groups and allowed to see and listen to other users before they answered the call using an Apple device camera or microphone, so the company was forced to disable this feature this week.

Apple also pledged to improve the process of receiving and processing this type of communication so that they reach the right people as soon as possible.

In this way, the company explains it They will look for new ways to speed up the problem reporting process.

"We take our product safety very seriously and do our best to try to win the trust of our Apple customers," the statement said.

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