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Antonio Gasalla's hard reaction after the fine revelation of Carlos Perciavalle

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January 31, 2019

After the astonishing and brutal discoveries of Uruguayan artist, the humorist came out to cross it. What Perciavalle had said.

Mobile apps Every afternoon With Fernando BurlandoJuan Darthés's lawyer ended up with contradictory statements Carlos Perciavalle. In the last hour, the lawyer had opened his last conversation with an actor in Brazil.

The Uruguayan artist joined the interview and made some remarks about the likely state of health Antonio Gasallaby the panel Pecoraro Mess He consulted with him about how the relationship between them was.

"Gasalla is not good for health. When I took him to Fleming's sanatorium, he was determined, now I don't know how he is," before Perciavalle replied again.

A strong refusal by Carlos Perciavalle about his contradictory statements about Thelma Fardín

With this in mind, he explicitly added: "It's about these six unclean letters". The presence of the experts was not silent and tried to get rid of the doubts: "We knew he had skin cancer shortly before. We understand well, isn't it? Antonio is cancer?"

"Yes, but it's not leather. He has cancer in his ankles and knees. It is related to the joints. Today, cancer is curable. Not curable but treatable. In addition, Antonio has already given a divine life to what is ugly, ”said the Uruguayan artist, who also used the opportunity to attack him:“ It is terrible for him, but good. It will be the karma that affects him in life. "

After not being able to hide their surprise at Perciavalle's revelation, they decided not to comment until they knew anything about Gasalla. And it was Pecoraro, who crossed the reports with the Argentine humorist and he would have answered: "Let Carlos Perciavalle say what he wants".

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