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Another suspect arrested for the crime of Zaire Rodríguez


Zaire Rodriguez was 21 years old Credit: Google

A young man arrested in recent hours who was accused of participating in a crime
Zaira Ailen Rodríguez, a racing pilot killed by motorcycles a week ago

Villa Ballester


This is the second suspect arrested because his brother was caught on the same day of the day.

Police sources told the Telam Agency that 26-year-old Gaston Maximiliano Murray, the oldest former prisoner, Pablo Daniel Murray, the oldest brother of 23, was taken to Villa Maipú in San Martin district.

They had made two racers at the Villa Ballester villa "La Rana", but it could not be.

Young man who
He was the arrest warrant for a crime Zaire, 21, was hiding in Villa Maipú's house, so an extraordinary operation was carried out and he arrested the police.

During his arrest, Murray had his eyelashes in his hands for several days, coinciding with the crash of motorcyclists at the time the pilot and her friend were attacked.

Zaira Rodríguez, victim
Zaira Rodríguez, victim


The murder of Zaira Ailen Rodríguez took place on Saturday, 10 November, at noon. 21.30 Lamadrid and Sarmiento de Villa Ballester at the intersection of San Martan, about ten blocks from La Rana, where a day before the girl was taken after the attack when her mother guided her GPS mistakenly entered her car at this place of payment.

The new card rider was with his friend, a pilot, but from the category of TC Mouras Nicolás Impiombato, who was present at the white Volkswagen Gol Trend, who was at the door of his house.

In these circumstances, two criminals who were mobilized on a motorcycle approached the couple to rob him.

Zaire Rodríguez Competition
Zaire Rodríguez Competition

One of the "motoveders" was threatening a couple with a firearm so that one of the windows would be lowered. Before the threat, Impiombato started full speed and thrown a 150-meter cycling bike until it was thrown out of Sarmiento and General Paz.

In response to a driver's reaction, one of the criminals began to shoot for a couple of cars, and Rodriguez was tipped at the height of his right ear, a wound that caused his death when he arrived at Castex Hospital.

After the crime, Tuesday's Tuesday, the victim's relatives and thousands of neighboring countries were mobilized to demand justice and greater security in the area.

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