Friday , October 22 2021

Andrea was always a liar Television


The spooky journalist, in turn, reviewed the unforgettable transition of Mirtha Legrand's cycle, where the manager asked if he was expecting a child, and she, obviously uncomfortable and two months pregnant, denies it.

Don't think anything

After Mercedes Ninci said that at the end of the month Del Boca's contact with the misappropriation of state funds would be raised during the oral procedure and that the Court gave her permission to go to the United States from February 3 to 11, because she had promised to return to the country , De Brito shot: "Andrea was always a liar. When he was at war with Biasotti, he told me he was traveling with a novel that had never been seen and was a lie … And so many.

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"Please, here are great doctors, playing with the ignorance of people," he shot at another stage of his cycle when his panels talked about actress trips to her daughter's health.

-> "When I leave her, she said she was pregnant"

In the midst of the Andrea del Boca scandal with her daughter and the young woman's father, Silvestre, an actress partner, gave her a mobile phone in Los Angeles in the morning and lit more fuel. "The Del Boca clan is being processed in a very peculiar way. Recently Andrea came out with very obvious lies, which are also very easy to unmask. He said he discovered me with Veronica Weiss and it is a lie, at that time Veronica did not exist in my life," said the singer before speculating that Del Boca's recent media performance is part of a strategy to divert attention from the court case facing the new Mama's heart.

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In addition, Silvestre discovered a fact that until now was just a rumor. "When I finish my relationship with Andrea, with a very criticized letter that came out in the diary … I had to write a letter because I had a few calls from Andrea and the ambassadors told me," How did you leave Andrea who is pregnant? " said she was pregnant, I told her we had it, but it disappeared there. This pregnancy has never been, "he concluded.

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