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Andrea del Boca's daughter affairs about relationship with father: "After 9 years I didn't want to see it anymore"

For many years, he kept a low profile, which he left explosively during notes that he only awarded the magazine Caras. Daughter of Andrea del Boca, Anna Chiara Biasotti He became 18 years old and finally, as a legal age man, can talk about his life story, which was forbidden by a court case by his father Ricardo Biasotti, whom he calls "male parent" and whom he claims he has not seen for nine years

In the "Abandonment, Abuse, and Pain Resurgence" section, the publication emphasizes that the actress's daughter "admits she has suffered (at school) and tired of working with judges and psychologists. "" Today she feels free and admits that she managed to heal her wounds, thanks to the love of her mother's family, "adds the same cover.

"I'm tired of life surrounded by psychologists and judges. I can't tell how many times I had to talk to psychologists. I was very young and I think that if I had to go so many times, it was because I was not mentally good, ”said the young woman.

"There are different types of abuse, physical, verbal, sexual and psychological. When I was with her, I didn't feel respect, I didn't feel at home, I didn't feel loved, ”he said about the link he had with the man who gave him life.

"I remember after I wrote a letter to the judge telling him that he was looking at me at the family dinner… I didn't understand why. Then he looked at me and said, "You smell like an ass, I don't want you near me." I came home shaken. Nine years old I didn't want to see him again, "he reminded me of the pain.

"He always had something wrong. If she had long hair, she looked like a maid if she wore slippers she was bad and being poor, and the servant was disgusting, "he said.

"I once heard that my father says my mother was bothering me so I couldn't connect with her. There may be mothers who interfere with parenting, but that was not my case. Thinking about it, I think it should reduce everything I've personally suffered"he recalled.

"I don't remember that he loves me and I love him. And that I am very sincere, I tell my mother 40 times a day when you love you. There was no privacy, no love, no love for me, ”he stressed.

"He never wanted to contact me. I hate nothing, but if there is something that really causes me, this feeling is hypocrisy. And hearing it in the media that spoke about me was hypocritical. I like the idea of ​​justice, cleaning, ”he said.

"In those years I felt like I was in a small box shouting and nobody listened to me, ”a young woman closed. during dialogue with Héctor Maugeri, magazine editor.

"I always had Anna del Boca. Since my ID is this last name (referring to Biasotti), my life is not the happiest", said Anna, who said that his father's image had been replaced by his grandparent figure Nicolás del Boca and Ana María, Ede and Wingas he wanted to call it.

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