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André Calamaro, intimate: "In the last two years, I found myself alone"


What made you release this new album?

– This is a good question, because we are recording another album, a very long production, because it involves special guests, so it does not depend on us when the album is finished. And we did this album a bit and well, I began to write words and send the tablets by post at night as soon as I wrote it to my partner Germán (Wiedemer) who wrote songs with me. Then we began to find songs this year, and we began to record models, sketches, called demos. We were very helped by a very well-known musician Martin Pomares, who played the guitar and gave a good sound aspect to these home recordings.

-Today what are you singing?

– This is a good question. Many things made me write letters. For example, I like to think about the Bible, but not religious or theocratic point of view. And there I found interesting moments: I have my own theories, my deviations from the Bible. I am also very interested in the Second World War. And sometimes – phrases. For example, I went to a store in Palermo where I would like to buy records in Calle in Honduras and I arrived and I found a sign saying "I will come back for five minutes." That same evening we wrote "I'm back for five minutes". These songs were left outside the album, but there was a phrase that was a shooter.

– In the song "Las rom" you say: "Love in Ibuprofen's days is over, but it's not filling." ¿Why is this?

-I's original phrase was to talk about love in Netflix times. Earlier, it was said that many children were born after nine months when the light was cut and television was not available. His this is no joke of television viewing attention. And love Netflix time, right? I mean, visual entertainment, phones, on tablets; it's much easier to stay alone at home. Even many times one says, "I want to go home to do it peacefully."

¿What is love, for example, at 57?

-God You know it At age 57, the person does not remain alone; he remains alone. One thing is simplicity, and one more thing is loneliness. And with 56 years old, fine In the last two years, I found myself alone. And loneliness began to convince me; That convinced me yes.

-I am sure. It is the only one is comfortable, wear the same trousers for several consecutive days. Obviously, love makes us vulnerable. I think you have to remember that love is also a word. It is Too much talked about love, and we do not really know what it is. The heart has a very noble and very important function that circulates through our body. The heart is ready to beat for 200 years, but the human body has no heart. I believe that the heart is enough for us to take responsibility for our emotional disasters.

– Your other songs speak of banned as a way of life. Is it, does it represent you?

– He represents me, but I do not know if he thought of me. I thought when I wrote this sentence about which I thought feminine force to get things.

– No, no, I would not explain it better … And I'm not talking about the powers of feminism, no; I'm talking about the woman's ability to get things with her magic. For example, I do not know … Mata Hari.

Andres Kalamaro, "The Fast Truths."

– Do you often end up in these traps?

-I do not know. Once or twice is enough to experience and write a song.

¿How do you think that you were developing as an artist?

– When I started, I did not consider myself a lyrical, much less. At the beginning when I was young, I wanted to be an acceptable musician to be able to play with other big musicians. And right, I could really play alongside Beta Satragni, great Uruguayan musician, later with Miguel Abuelo, Charly García. My skills were a keyboard or a good element, a good companion for excursions, the ability to sing; all helped a little. Text creation, songwriting is another area where only the keyboard is played. And the work of art must be stopped, without exaggerating the meaning of the word. One thing is to transfer your talent to a talent service, and one more thing is to record your entries. So I wrote the lyrics bigger. The first album with 100% of my songs is No one leaves this life here, recorded in year 88. It seems a lot, but 30 years ago I was no longer a teenager; I had 25 long …

– And at that moment you were afraid of something?

are you afraid The fear of the police had already passed. In my country, I was a very unpleasant teenager when I was subjected to the threat of violent military dictatorship, and non-politicians were hit by great pressure from citizens. Walking around at night, going to a concert with friends, something can happen. And really: sometimes something happened. I was 16 years old, I first recorded the album. And I remember the day when we signed a symbolic treaty, we resigned to the celebration. And on that day they took me to a dangerous police station at Calle Huergo, now known as Puerto Madero, for the first time. I do not know if I felt scared, but it was worrying, maybe a little paranoid. It was a time when we did not name anyone: "Andrés", "Andrés", so that they would not employ us with a name and surname in the work that might be in the hands of the police.. It's very complicated, but it was our everyday life. And I learned to not be afraid.

-But for your personal fear, that your songs are unknown, are you afraid that your career is short? Have you ever thought about it?

– My career is too long, but 25 years ago it was not a fear. I mean, "With 60 years of living I'm feeding me?"

-Don't imagine the success of your career …

-No, no Everything he wanted was to record an anecdote before the age of 20 and be able to say, "I have already recorded an entry!". From which all were surprised, Miguel, Charlie, the trust of all my colleagues. We know each other … not 1000 years old, but it's 900, right? 40 years old We lost many members in the fight, but there are many of us who are still together.

-What was the hardest to reach you?

– This is a complicated issue someone who almost as the only law adheres to the minimum effort law. I mean, I I have severe insomnia, then it's not hard to travel and excursions, but it's not easy either, because I'm not the people who support themselves and are already sleeping. Hard to sleep after recall; it is difficult. First, spend two hours on the TV without loudness before removing clothes. This is the first thing that happens. It is difficult. Maybe I should think of really heavy things, right? But looks, fortunately, you ask me something hard, and I do not know what to answer you. The complicated thing is for you to answer. I have no clue

– Do you care what they think of you?

-Un … I'm already a little armed. I think that my artistic and political strivings, which I know, can cause the anger of many people. In any case, I feel together with intellectuals and good friends, people who matter to me, agree with me, I think …

-Policy, why?

-This is what happens to me more than here in Spain. Protecting the integrity of human struggles, I do not know if it will be understood here. I am Argentina, but I am also Spanish, and I am very proud to be. However I enjoy it in Spain, it's king, I like to go to the battles of bulls. And yet all these things in Spain are nice They gave me a bit of the right of the spectrum and accused me of fascism, which is absurd. I laugh: I was educated for socialism, feminism, as an atheist … But I have no problem.

¿Does not Argentina do this?

– You see, between Among the many barbarians, he said (Domingo Faustino) Sarmiento said a couple of very nice things, just as he awoke every day, waiting for his opinion to cause revenge and rejection. He was a very interesting guy, not understanding a couple of things that sounds very bad nowadays … But I think I would be proud of those people who criticize me because they criticize me for things that I consider to be my friendship, about the things I defended. Then I like that they talk about me because I believe in me, and I was not worried about the failure, because I do not know what success is already there. Y In my opinion, I will not use a creative holiday. In my opinion, I will take time to write more songs.

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