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AMD unwittingly confirms that the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be launched in 2020

We will gradually know more about the upcoming consoles that will start up Sony and Microsoft. PlayStation 5 will be the Sony name, although the Xbox is still not the final name after Xbox Scarlett Now AMD has posted an arrival new consoles in 2020, a figure that has been rumored for several months.

The PS5 would use the 8-core AMD Ryzen processor and AMD Navi graphics: both 7 nm

2020 and a logical date considering life cycle generations that they usually have about 7 years of age. PS4 and Xbox One were released at the end of 2013, replacing the consoles that were released 7 years ago. Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that they are working on a new generation of consoles, but if we add AMD approval, all the pieces will be even more.

AMD is currently APU service provider which uses PS4 and Xbox One, both standard versions and vitamins. And everything indicates that it will continue so soon, because Lisa Su says that "though The APU segment has slightly decreased, we expect a significant growth after 2020"

sony ps4 pro ps5

These words clearly show that one is referring to consoles because they are the only ones who can move millions of units at a specific time, unlike what happens on the computer you're looking for processors and higher performance graphics cards separately. In addition, AMD already commercializes the APU, and even the business sector can not cause a "significant increase" in sales.

Other rumors were that the PS4 was a processor 8 cores based on architecture AMD Ryzen. There talked about a Navi Base Graphics Card, both processes are 7 nanometers. Navi would not be PlayStation 5, and it will be curious to see which one is using it Xbox Scarlett

4K and 60 FPS will be the target of PS4 games

AMD will launch the first 7-nanometer processors and graphics cards for desktop on the year 2019, so it makes sense that the console continues this trend. AMD will be the only manufacturer to be able to use both processors and graphics using this lithograph and more of the amount needed by Sony and Microsoft.

Ps5 will be expected to offer play 4K at 60 FPS (Although not everyone has a 4K screen, but you will benefit from Greater counterbalance thanks to super-exam), after PS4 Pro is not satisfied and only WQHD reaches many titles and 30 FPS (for example, Uncharted 4), while others up to 4K do not exceed 30 FPS. In addition, the report says that developers already have PS5 development kits, and that they work with consoles games, as is the case with Square enix. Another likes Bethesda is still asking both companies what will consoles power mean to see how far they can squeeze them with their games.

The PS4 is nearing the end of its life, although Sony still retains it exclusive without notice, as well as many others who are going to arrive like The Last of Us 2 or Death Stranding. We might get to know more about the conference that the company will take E3 next year, announcing they will not be in their history for the first time.

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