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Amado Boudou smile – 12/12/2012

Amado Boudou left the Federal Penitentiary Complex this weekend, Ezeiza, laughing. Dismissal after he was sentenced to five years and ten months in prison for having received bribes and negotiated incompatible public service it's a joy for him. He was arrested immediately after reading the judgment, on August 7. The judges and the prosecutor stated that the first evidence of corruption, testimony and an oral contribution was demonstrated in the corruption case, as the former vice president illegally seized control over the only private graphic company able to print money when it was the Minister of Economic Affairs. His name was Ciccone Calcográfica. The revenger, who collapsed in his story, was the former head of the company who created his friends from Mar del Plata who was used to "buy" the company Alejandro Paul Vandenbroele.

Criminal Cassation Chamber he had rejected the release from boudou

Even so, the part of the same oral court that detained him decided to release him. Boudou is not free. He will live with ankle straps on one of his legs, so that the Court will control that he does not leave the country. It is also prohibited to travel abroad.

Judges' Peculiarities: The Decision That Released Him Ensure that the previous vice can live extramuros because there is no way to escape.

Boudou left Ezeiz and talked to the press with his death. "He is politically imprisoned," he said in "freedom," that he shows that such statements constitute a crime for those who, for political reasons, had suffered in prison at the time when the national constitution was canceled.

Boudo also confirmed that there is "abuse of preventive prison".

That's right

According to the Federal Intelligence Prosecutor's data about half of the inmates throughout the country are kept in prophylactic conditions, expecting eternal times to be finalized if they are guilty or innocent.

Of course: almost all prisoners are accused of committing crimes that have nothing to do with political power.

In Argentina, a political prison is very difficult.

Good lawyers and judicial contacts allow members of the management board or businessman not to have a season for imprisonment.

Maybe they're all innocent. Or maybe not?

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