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Alfredo Casero shot Enrique Pinti and tried "Truly Cagueta" – 01/02/2019


It is true that his last time has arrived, Alfredo Casero He reiterated his rigor in his Twitter account, creating a position for the government or questioning those who criticize him. In this case the recipient was Enrique Pinti, who tried Cagueta.

Casero criticized Pint and tried

Casero criticized Pint and considered him "scary", although he used a much more difficult time.

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It all started when the comedian story with Rodrigo Lussich on ATR, Pop Radio, said: "Water Reaches My Neck", with a clear reference to the difficult moment crossing the crisis affecting the country.

"I was afraid of the social situation of people who had disappeared or had no job, it hurt me as a citizen, but it did not come to me even during Menema or Kirnerism; I saw everything was a mess, but I got tickets and said, "It's a lot, but I can pay""said Pint.

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And he continued, "This is the first time, maybe because I will get worse and it frightens me, not when I get light and gas voting." Prepay that I have a good prepayment that I took out year & # 39; s and I have the best plan; I got 39,000 pesos plus insulin that I usethat is imported because the diabetologist sent it to me because I can use it, I get 36,000 pesos per month. "

Here, too, the artist admitted that today the theater is "not good" with his show In the background, right from Comafi Multiteatro from Wednesday to Sunday, starting on Monday and Tuesday using the Atlantic coast.

Alfredo Casero got involved in Enrique Pint and tried

Alfredo Casero joined Enrique Pint and tried "Cagueta". Twitter

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Before Twitter Twitter publisher who published "I remind you that Pint stopped monologues during the CFK government because he was afraid of the government and 678. That said in 2013. You are a terrible creature, Enrique, " Alfredo Casero not only repeated, but also defined a humorist as "true CAGUETA".

The humorist also joined the former Kirchner program journalists

Humorist also joined the former Kirchner program journalists "6,7,8".

"I'll smoke them up to 678 and smoke in the pipe" answers to the same publication.

Casero repeated the user who said that Pinto had been lying when he said he had to pay for insulin.

Casero repeated the user who said that Pinto had been lying when he said he had to pay for insulin.

And then he asked "Is that so?" before a complaint from another follower who confirmed it Pint lacks the truth when he said he paid 36 thousand pesos for his insulin. "Enrique Pinti is sleeping, Argentina has all the insulin in the world, and insulin-dependent patients receive a 100% discount on diabetes." x month, enough to sleep! "

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