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Alfaro: Boca, River, Macri, Gallardo and others – 01/14/2019


Gustavo Alfaro ended on Sunday night with a long interview with CNN. In "Dialogue with Longobardi", the new Bok coach talked about the classic – Gallardo, Macri. Here are five key phrases.

Alfaro with Marcelo Longobardi on CNN.

The Superclásico: "The relationship between the ankle and the river was broken, and the society was very damaged, so much so that in summer, when we saw Superclásico, the parties that the tourist always wants to see are no longer playing. Heroes, the level of consciousness is great to bring down to reality," that may be an opponent, but not an enemy ”.

"The ankle and river relationship was very damaged"

Marcelo Gallardo: "I have the best Marcelo opinion. Look at the usual 10 buses with this power and validity. Maybe Zidane at the moment he did in Real Madrid. Suddenly they are players with talent and it doesn't cost them so much. That's why they are. that comes more from sacrifice sometimes understands other things, but Marcelo lowered the necessary pragmatism that the coach had to combine talent and pragmatism, and that is what I give to my teams. "

"There are no ten numbers that are coaches whose capacity is Marcelo Gallardo"

Mauricio Macri: "When my family organized my 50th birthday, I ended up sharing with him because he was at the table with me, he called me when they introduced me to Boca, Imagine the President calls you. He likes to call and talk about football , I want to go to Quinta de Olivos, but talk about politics. "

His passion for golf: "I have had a big goal in football, I found it late, I started playing it at the age of 45. I'm 56 years old today, I'm passionate and has many things to help, I want many players to play golf. all the times we have stopped by mistake, we are not ready to fail, make mistakes, golf teaches you.

When it lasted 22 days: "For the first time I was at Olympus, the president came and wanted to impose things on me, I told him that in order to avoid problems later, we would complete the relationship right there that I could not work in these circumstances. teams asked, seven were down, and Olympus was 24. Then I asked the president: "Now what is the team joining?" He told me that I. Then I asked him to take care only of the budget and his affairs. that not only did we save ourselves from landing, but we got up at A. We celebrated, we called the locker and the next day the president quoted me I thought it was me to congratulate, but no, he told me I was the best national coach B but I didn't have the level to lead the first, then he told me that I was leaving because I shouldn't say goodbye on the sixth date. "

"It's my turn to be a champion and play"

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