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After leaving Cabito, Matías Martins said the next year will be the last "Basta de Todo" – 29.11.2019

Follow the novel All is enough (Mondays to Fridays, 13 to 17, Metro 95.1). Now in the midst of criticism he made to his former partner Eduardo Cabito Massa Alcantara, Matías Martin, Head of He said the next year would be the last of the program.

"I wanted to say something," said Matisa, who led the cycle for 18 years.

The friendship that was broken, Martin and Kibito.

The friendship that was broken, Martin and Kibito.

"I take great care of Cabito. I'm never indifferent to his situation (he inserted a stomach bypass over a period of six months and ran a weight of 180 kg to 84). There are tests. There are whatsapp dialogues, my capture of a dialogue with a doctor, " he added.

He then confirmed the reasons why Cabito had resigned from his program. "Modifications do not answer personal questions, but artistic issues. And they were clarified face to face. "

Martin's anger was due to the fact that Cabito did not leave his audience All is enough but he wrote a post to Instagram and spoke in Pamela in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 15.30).

"The choice of Instagram Mail and TV shows is a complicated decision for me to understand", behind Matīss.

"There is no fighting here, it never was … It's also painful to me," he admitted.

"I came to think about completing the program this year, next month … "It is the end Basta"I told everyone who looked at their eyes, but I could solve it in another way, and that the program was redefined. This shutdown might be a fuel that gives us the power we are currently facing another year of the program."

And he concluded: "Maybe 2019 is the last year All is enoughfrom my sweetheart All is enough … ".

After his departure from "Basta de todo" (Captura TV) Cabito spoke.

After his departure from "Basta de todo" (Captura TV) Cabito spoke.

The novel started on Monday. Martin gave a story that surprised everyone: separating Eduardo Cabito Massa Alcantara.

"Cabito will not go on … it's a painful decision that I take as program manager, group and team," said Matīss, who did not give a specific explanation of the departure of a historian after the program "needs change" and that "I had some specials problems".

See this post in Instagram

This is the best way I've been thanking you. On Monday, the program offered me to do this in the air, and I wanted it to be a way for those who follow me or those who want to read. First of all, my eternal gratitude to you, dear audiences, who paid me wages and caressed the soul with every greetings, every photo, every comment on laughter or mood changes in difficult times. They were my everyday engine, my reason and an essential part of my passion for the environment. I can not help but I am grateful for all the letters of love, respect and solidarity that I received during these two days (from my friends, colleagues from other radio programs, from their rrhh, from the commercial, from the customers and sponsors who were they for friends and soldiers, for silent listeners) Answer each of them with a neck in the neck. I find it very painful to stay in a job that I love for over 15 years and more than 18 in the company. This work, which gave me a lot, and I did a lot of things. But that's it, work. It's not a marriage, no friends club. And when you are useful or functional at work, you are a part, and when you stop being present they invite you to retire. And that's fine, though it should be. I know that I owe you that this year I did not worry them, so I had a very difficult year that started with the death of my grandmother (the women who raised me), after my separation after 8 years I significantly influenced my mood and hurt my work . Imagine a bank driver situation, he does not care what's going on in your house, he appreciates your performance, x is a job, and that is it. Also, many months ago, I had informed that at the end of the year my participation in the program was completed, there is no doubt that my mood has changed. First, it ended at the end of the year after the end of November and then asked me to come on Friday when the party ended, so I did not get to the stage to go and dance with the program group, given that they were celebrating and my hands. They were empty as my heart. I think I have nothing to celebrate. follow …

The subdivision shared by cabito (@cabito)

Thanks to the support of his audience, Cabito said in Instagram: "It is very painful for me to see this, so I noticed a job I've been loving for over 15 years and in the company for over 18 years. I also did it to him." And then he gave up the reason his departure: "But that's it, work, it's not marriage, no friends club, and at work when you are useful or functional, you're part of it, and when you stop being, they call you to retire. And that's fine, that's it. "

He also apologized for "how dull" he was lately because of his health problems and his recent split.

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