Sunday , April 11 2021

A remarkable song devoted to Leeds fans by Biele

Since the team's Leeds United Championship, England's Second Division, which gives two direct promotions to Premier LeagueArgentinean Marcelo Bielsa began to receive recognition from Ingaleterra. The rosary team shows a good game, wins a win and has all the fans who fill Elland Road week after week.

British comic book Micky Perr He has already released a temporary version of the Bohemian Rhapsody Parody group, which took place last September. Queen, but now, with a team that ranked only one leader in Norwich City and five points in front of the third, Sheffield United, Lee's supporters repeatedly issue the issue, while producing.

Before they sang a theme in the radio studio a cappella and with a different letter. However, this time they corrected the music and added the instruments. And a parody with a name Bielsa Rhapsody This is already a success.

"Open your eyes, look at the sky, we're Leeds, I'm just a Leeds hair dryer, from the Leeds family, because it's easy to come, Marcelo, Heckingbottom had to leave me to victory because it really matters. Leeds …" says part of the song.

And then it continues: "Very late, very late, 15 years passed … I was insulted on my back, I always played with League, in the Addis championship we had to leave, we all had to leave …".

Currently, and while fans are Leeds they enjoy football from the set Bielsa and they dream of getting back to the Premier after 15 years of promotion, "Crazy"He is working hard to prepare his team for the 22nd day. It's this Saturday from Argentina 11, an English team visiting Bolton looking for three points that allows you to take a hypothetical trip to Norwich while visiting Bristol City and ace to regain the peak of the championship. .

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