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A man would have died for Hantavirus Gualeguaychú: the official word is expected


Informal information exists. It would be the case that Gualeguaychú would approve Hantavirus, but Entre Ríos Ministry of Health epidemiology has not reported. I'd do it in the afternoon.

Infectologist Ignacio Bourlot, ElDía desde Cero -monday until Friday, 9-12, FM 104.1-

So far, there were no positive cases across the province as ElDía reported in this Tuesday's edition, although from the century hospital, four cases were mentioned which were made after Gualeguaychu.

Unofficially, ElDía could know that, in addition to the information provided so far by the provincial authorities, there is a potential positive Hantavirus died of a rural worker last week.

In view of this situation, the person who referred to the case was Centennial Hospital, Ignacio Bourlot, an infectious medicine doctor. He did this in an interview with Elder in Kero this morning.

"The virus does not provide animal diseases; people are believed to be infected if they are exposed to contaminated dust from mice or t

"We have a tendency to study some patients who may have Hantavirus. When these patients have lethal evolution, the more we try to know. Since it is really important to know the family environment and the medical aspect of what caused this death," said the prestigious professional hospital Centenario.

"We have a case of Gualeguaychú dying a person last week and it is very likely that it will be a diagnosis of Hantavirus. We are awaiting confirmation between yesterday and today. The Malbran Institute – where these kinds of analyzes are sent from across the country – is overloaded with southern samples, which also take everything, ”he said in connection with the outbreak of the Chubut town of Epuyen and demanded dozens of deaths.

"If this case is confirmed, we must be very careful and say that this is one of the cases we usually have in the region," said Bourlot, who differentiated the alleged Gualeguaychú case with the "Andean virus" that is circulating. south and it is the only one that is transmitted from person to person.

Like most fatalities in the region, the last week would be "a patient from rural areas that are highly exposed to favorable work and epidemiological conditions for obtaining Hantavirus, coexistence with rodents."

"This suggests the same cases we usually talk about," the infectious disease specialist said.

Check out the interesting interview with Bourlot:

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