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"46% of the money that went to the last IMF loan has already been lost"

The economic downturn in which this country has been submerged does not offer any hint: "closure of factories, dismissals, trade unions and government tensions, uncontrolled inflation and social discontent." It seems that the ruling party finds it difficult to solve this problem, and with little hope the economic analysts warn that we have a huge crisis.

"On Friday, the G-20 banks will not have banks, not just in Buenos Aires, but across the country. It was determined by the Central Bank. I do not know why this is a banking holiday across the country. The most alarming fact is that SanCor has announced it closes another factory in Bahia Blanca, "said economist journalist David Cufré Gustavo Sylvestre at the start of the radio program.

And he claimed: "The car sales fell by 46% in November, and it says it is the strongest drop since 2002. Articles dropped by 41%. We have a huge crisis. Financial problems in this crisis, because it is the cause. Yesterday the dollar dropped fifty cents, but an alarming thing is that the country's risk increased and again exceeded 700 points. It is assumed that after the second agreement with the IMF we should have 300 points. "

Although Maurice Macré's economic team was hoping for the salvation sought by the recent lending from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), they indicate that it would not be enough. "Yesterday the central bank's reserves fell by USD 153 million. 46% of the money received from the last IMF loan has already been lost. We are in the countdown, "they said.

After rising US dollar quarter-on-quarter, yesterday's US currencies managed to drop and quit $ 39.63 at Buenos Aires's banks and exchange offices, which has left five consecutive stairs dwindling in recent days. The fall in foreign currency depended on the Single and Free Currency Market (MULC), where the dollar fell by 50 cents and remained at USD 38.55.

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