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3 Reasons to Understand Bitcoin Collapse

Bitcoin is a protocol and P2P network used as a krypton cell, payment system and merchandise, and its local account unit is called bitcoin, According to WP, these units are those used to calculate and transfer value, so they are classified as a digital currency. Developed in 2009, the main identity of the maker or makers is not known when the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonyon appears. It is based on a "lock-in" technology that is hard to counterfeit and similar to a large, publicly available and distributed accounting book that reflects the history of all transactions.

According to Cecilia Barría report BBC News Mundo, on Sunday sounded tones when the digital currency's price dropped below $ 3,500.

Although in recent days the value has recovered just over $ 4,000, the significant drop in last year continues to cause a headache for investors.

1. The speculator's panic

"Experts have failed," said BBC Mundo, market analyst at ThinkMarkets Naeem Aslam.

This triggered the start of the sale of investors, causing a sharp drop in currency prices.

However, Aslam warns that this kind of financial panic is usually followed by an increase.

"I'm not worried about this fall, because you can buy cheaper."

"I would buy even more if the price dropped below $ 3,000, which is quite possible."

But there are people who disagree with Asla's vision and withdraw from the market.

2. Bubble Blast

Last year's gigantic rise in bitumen prices "was undoubtedly a bubble," says Craig Erlam, senior market analyst Oanda.

"Now we understand what has happened, I would not be surprised that the price falls below $ 1,000 before it stabilizes again," he adds.
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He adds that the trend of several months of recession suggests that the value close to USD 6000 is a stability parameter, it seems unlikely.

"The lack of price to raise each time the increase is not a good sign."

3. The "Kalnračnieki" were scared

The so-called "cryptoculture winners" (people who generate new digital currencies when their computers deal with complex equations) would lose interest in continuing to produce foreign currency.

This hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that, according to the blockbuster data and service company Blockchain Ltd. The reduction in the number of machines for generating beetles has been reduced.

Bitcoin value is always determined by the intensity of supply and demand. And if miners lack the creation of new coins, the currency's value decreases.

This causes loss of confidence in the market. And if there is no certainty, people start selling even more.

"This is a melodramatic collapse," says Charles Hayter, co-founder of CryptoCompare, BBC World.

On the other hand, the restrictions that have been put on the market in some countries may have been affected, he adds.

Those who want to spoil the swaying of the bags have, in the past, seen that a ship may be destroyed from one second to another.

Amazon giant knows this well when it lost 95% of its value between December 1999 and October 2001, experiencing a bubble burst of technology.

But in this case the company turned the page and its CEO Jeff Bezos is currently the richest person in the world.

Amazon is without doubt Amazon, but the world of cryptocultures handles money that only exists in practice.

However, some experts at this stage of the game are betting on a large-scale kickback.

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