Wednesday , January 19 2022

2018 inflation would be the worst in years | Chronicle


Indec will announce Monday's inflation in December and the whole 2018, which, according to private estimates, will be around 48 percent, the highest since 1991. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for November was 3, 2%, a figure that showed a downturn, but was higher than expected by consultants.

Meanwhile, according to Ecolatina, 48% of national inflation has accumulated in 2018, "almost doubling the 2017 value". "It was not only the highest increase in Cambiemos' mandate prices, but it became the biggest year of growth since 1991. He pointed out other private messages online.

The report is in line with other surveys, such as the Institute for Statistical Workers (IET), UMET, which estimated that the cost of living for trade unionists rose by 3.1% in December, bringing a 47.8% increase over the whole 2018. In its report, the Institute stressed that during the previous year, all the basket units were over 40%, with the exception of clothing and footwear and education, which increased by 33.5% and 32%.

Low consumption

At the same time, it was known that sales fell in supermarkets across the country. The report prepared by Scentia, a consulting firm, showed that in December 2018"The change was -4.3 and the worst months of the year with November".

With these data, they ended one year with a 1.5% drop, far from the increase in consumption predicted in early 2018.

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