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▷ Movilfest IV: More than 70,000 people were living at the Costanera Music, Arts and Technology meeting


On the fourth day of issue, which began with the discovery of property in La Cantera Park, at noon. 14, about 70 thousand visitors spread under the data sent by security forces who guarded the event.

After this day, siesta was available for seats and stands that allowed interaction with 360 ° animation, expanded reality, cinema and television workshops, HTC, multimedia laboratories and science stations.

The various visitor proposals included the latest developments in connectivity as well as contests for influencers, children, anime, photo boxes, access cordless, robots, interactive video games and outdoor and photo competitions, among some options.

"We are very pleased to welcome our new missionary, who participated throughout the province, in this new edition of Movilfest. This is a great place for them when the governor of Hugo Passalacqua is a place of expression that has become a state of technological events for young people over the years, but what lives as a family, "said organizer Cristian Acuña.

Passalacqua congratulated the participants

"Congratulations on the creativity of our young people! # MóvilFestMisiones envisages: promoting a true expressive space where art and technology are a means to tell the stories that make up the community. I congratulate all the members of this 4th edition!" Said the president via his Twitter account Twitter account .

There were always significant musical performances that were amplified by the impressive stage with eight giant screens.

They performed Caramba, Santos Guardianes, Gaby Galeano, Roberto Edgard, Paris Encarnación Sidrereo Day, Lucas Trap, Mapples, Traptitans, Rod Gal, Tche Morotos, Mariachi Tequila Missions, Lill Shot Rip Thai, Hitomi and DJ Antonella Ramírez. In addition, more than 100 high-quality performances by HQL and Vangelis dance groups.

Also, Rulo Spinola and Youtuber Jorge and Nacho, as well as winners of the group competition: Meeting, Eximios and Tropical Misionero.

At the end of the day, energy was a good place for Cordovana Paulo Londres's presentation, which vibrates thousands of fans who were able to enjoy the main success thanks to the convening of a provincial government.

Short Film Contest and Trip to Mar del Plata

Movillfest Misiones is essentially a film festival for films and short films that are fully recorded on mobile devices and is considered to be the most important country in combining communication platforms for everyday use in order to create a place for young people to express themselves.

This concept separates it from other meetings related to the world of technology and aims to create an atmosphere in which young people can talk about "their world, the stories of their cities, reflecting the motives and concerns of dreams, desires, needs, age, environment and everyday life" "

This new edition dazzled the work of more than 700 young people who presented their short films, and as a novelty, guests from other provinces and neighboring countries were in space, transformed into an international meeting of these missions festivals.

The winners also attended the International Film Festival in Mar del Plata, as well as in other opinions:

Category "I am a mission"

Position no. 1: "Schizophrenia" from the "Let's Go" Institute of Gurup;

Item No. 2: "MI SION ES", from Posadas tower Lisandro Institute;

Consignment No 3: Imaginándote, from Ept 14 de Capioví.

Special guest category

1st consignment: "The Lifeline", San Martín – Buenos Aires 51st School;

2nd consignment: "Clandestina", from Gonzale Catan School no. 72 – Buenos Aires;

3rd consignment: Cold Blood, San Martín School No. 23 – Buenos Aires.

Photo competition

Position No 1: "Center", Maril Benitez (Provincial Guidelines Bachelor's No 88 – Eldorado);

Position No 2: "Tranquilidad pura" by Fernando Rivas (Epet No 12 – San Ignacio);

Position No 3: Moving for a moment, Mauro Hartmann (Epet No 11 – Monte Carlo).

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