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"Zuma Auctions Gupta Executive" – ​​Ramatlhodi

"We told the president:" Do not attend this wedding "… We told him:" You do not do it in a way that you knew or did not know, this is not acceptable. "We said it's unacceptable that a private airplane arrives at our base of air forces with the wedding party of another country. We have been fighting for this base so that we can control it," Ramatlodi said.

"We said we did not see this thing going to the wedding. I felt that this could not have happened without his knowledge … What they did was show to show that they had taken the country that they could land in the air force base, if not the president.

"Even traffic policemen traveled the buses that traveled to the Northwest. It was a well-planned reception, which could not have happened without the power of supreme authority … They were cruel as president of the state, they did not trust us … Some things have been very shaken to us, because of us who have been military, this base of air forces is not only a place to which you can play. "

Ramatlhodi told the commission that members of the NEC had repeatedly warned Zumu about his "toxic" relationship with the Gupta family, but he would not respond to their call because the family provided work for their children.

He also spoke about how Gupt easily invited ministers and senior government officials to their private homes. Ramatlhodi said that he strongly refused to meet with family members.

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