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Where is Patricia Lewis? We found him living in a quiet life!

2019-04-09 08:45

Graye Morkel


Channel24 spoke with former African pop sensation and TV personality Patricia Lewis about a break from the public eye, living a typical mom's life in Ballit, and her plans return to light after a nine-year break.

Cape Town – When we were young, we all dreamed that we were rich and famous. I imagined that crowning Miss South Africa, for others, could have been in front of thousands of screaming fans in Madison Square Garden.

Since the rise of social media stars, it has become even easier to reach Insta's famous status, while others can fight for years to enter the entertainment industry.

But on the side of the coin, you will get celebrities who "were there, did it and got a T-shirt." They reached the highest level, head to the door and never returned.

Patricia Lewis is one of the few who, ten years later, looked over the fence in the industry and saw the green side of the lawn.

Even though she left her close to ten years ago, Patricia Lewis is still one of the most loved South African personalities with 12 platinum sales albums and several successful TV shows.

Nine years after the delivery of the swan song Supersterre Season 3 final, Patricia now lives in a quiet life in Ballita and entered the real estate industry with her husband Mark Whitfield and son Max.

The 51-year-old singer tracking, which seems to be outdated in the opposite direction, was my first challenge in combining this work. When I finally got the promising leadership, I had a little more than a month to convince the man to agree to an interview, during which I would definitely think he was going to block his number.

"That's Patricia L here. Sorry to just come back to you. But you're amazing not to give up! Very successful personality!" I received a Whatsapp report from Patricia.

The message that intensified with about ten emoticons warmed my heart, and I knew right away that I was dealing with a beautiful, kind and merciful person.

She is so surprised at my request, saying, "I am so grateful that people still think of this old blonde bimbo!"

When I ask her if she'd like to call her or contact her online, she replies, "My nails are too long to write, so the phone call is perfect."

And I've never been surprised that the former "First Lady of Africa" ​​hasn't changed her look. "That's what I am, I'll take it or leave it. I won't change. One day I will have long gray hair and I won't cut it," she laughs.

Referring to Khloé Kardashian's photo, who recently wore a smooth blonde wig for Diana Ross's 75th birthday, she says, "I showed my husband the second day and told him I knew if I wore this hairstyle long enough, it would end deal back to fashion! "

During his career, Patricia had sold more than 600,000 CDs and produced three successful reality shows, but decided to leave attention in 2010 when her son started grade 1.

"We had to decide which school Max would attend. Will it happen in Ballito, where we already had our home in Zimbali, or did we want to be in Johannesburg? Competition was not. The sea, and it's so much relaxed."

"I said to myself," You know what I've achieved so much more than I could ever dream of in my career. All concerts, albums and TV shows. "It would have been completely selfish to continue my career when my child is obviously my first.

When she talks about her 15-year-old son, she accepts her baby sign, and I feel like I'm back in my lounge, looking at her so badly Supersterre competitor.

But when she left the scene, she went off with an explosion of 5,000 people. "My last show was my favorite show in my life, as far as the audience and the audience are concerned. And I think," You know what? It's not better than that. So I can leave now. They laugh.

She admits that she initially left only "a year or two" and devoted her time to her mother, but "one to two years became three years, and three to four years became five."

Patricia returned to our TV screens briefly when she was second Celebrity MasterChef SAAfter acknowledging that when she was asked to prepare an omelette for her listening, her first answer was, "Is this where I have to wear an egg?"

And of course, her version was presented to manufacturers with a face of tomato smiley!

But since then, Patricia has been living a comfortable life with her husband in the real estate business for the last 12 years, and dipping it into the fingers of event planning and decor business.

"Our real estate business became very busy. My whole lifestyle just changed. My son just finished his first high school year, and fortunately he inherited his father's big brain," she laughs.

Speaking of my son, I don't even have to ask any questions when she crosses a teenager and she has all the options: "He's an intellectual introvert. His first year in high school, he got his academic colors. I'm very proud of him."

According to Patricia, he stands out with mathematics and computer science. "He is a computer fund and writes code because he has been developing small games since the age of ten," she says.

"He turned 15 years ago 15 days ago and now he is six feet. He's just a normal very low child. He's like his dad, and he's not alright as his mother," his giggles.

But he also inherited his mother's music talents, and "sings as you won't believe," says Patricia.

He also plays the piano very well and is self-taught but has no interest in the entertainment industry.

But this is one of the reasons why the couple decided to move to the coastal city to have a "normal life" for their son.

"The area we live in is very English, but now and then we will come to an African person, especially at school holidays, and they will ask for an image. When Max is around, he shakes his head and goes" ai, ai. & # 39; He's not surprised, I'm just my mom. "

When the real estate business goes through an era, Patricia is very involved in various charities and regularly cakes cakes and provides care packages for orphans and retirement homes.

Speaking of her charity work, Patricia enjoys the feeling and I hear the passion in her voice. "It's so much fun for me. Following people's faces, especially those who don't have what I would like them to be. It's so rewarding, much more than a gold or platinum album."

One of the lessons she has learned during her focus, she says, "Treat people the way you want them to be treated. I hope I have, and I will continue to do so in my life, because it is what i believe to stay humble or bugger. "

After that she apologizes for saying that he is.

"Are you on stage or on TV, are you in the auditorium, sweeping the street or if you are around the corner, you will clean this toilet. We are all the same. The flesh and blood created by the same power you believe I believe is God .

Patricia, who once firmly claimed that she would not return to the TV, now says that a new project can prove her previous testimony wrong.

"I have invited a number of African channels to show where I will take full control of performance. What is the privilege and honor!"

With the new TV project, she hopes to involve all her charities and her "love for baking, cooking, decorating and arranging flowers".

According to Patricia, who could not reveal too much at this stage, the project will be filmed in her house and will be produced as a partial reality where her skills, talents and contacts will be used well. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to meet Mark and Max.

"I've been very blessed in my life and I absolutely need to give up."

Her plan to take revenge doesn't end there, she says. "I will probably release another album if the public allows it," she laughs.

Incorrectly adding: "I also sing a little," in her children's voice.

The premiere of the performance is also an opportunity to bring together the cookbook and all of its social media platforms so that we can see once again how the blonde with ambition stays busy.

"That's what I've been chewing right now. I hope it's still going to be this year. I'm very sure it will be this year."

But unfortunately we will not see a return Supersterre soon, because this chapter is closed in your life. "The biggest moment in my career was when the first winning album reached gold status. I cried so much, even more than when my album was gold. I'm so happy that I managed to achieve my success."


Patricia also gives her husband and success to her husband Mark and says, "He is a very supportive man. He awakens the same thing every morning – the same temperament, the same smile, and 17 years later I still love him."

Thinking about the day they met, she says, "I filmed an episode Bang Jan Dooie Janwhere we went paragliding. I was so scared and crying. My mascara ran my face and I looked like one of the Kiss group members.

"He was one of the paragliding guys and when I saw him I thought:"Dis nou mooi"," his giggles, adding, "I said," Please, God, don't let me die, so I can at least meet this sexy guy who just jumped before me. ""

She made sure that when she landed on hard ground, she was close to her so she could be the first to warm her. On a team journey back to Johannesburg, they started chatting and realized that they stayed somewhat close to each other.

"I invited him to tea, he came to visit two months later, and since then I have not been able to get rid of it!"

The only difference is that Mark is now tea.

(Photos: Gallo / Delivered by Patricia Lewis)

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