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WATCH: Verstappen pushes, threatens Ocon after a shot


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Sao Paulo – The Dutchman Max Verstappens was accused of striking the French opponent Esteban Ocon after a controversial clash on Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix, won by five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The Red Bull star Verstappen was watched on television, pushing the Indian Ocon three times and accusing him of threatening to hit him after a collision on the road.

Interlagos's famous Senna S curve struck 71 lap laps on the 44th lap for the Verstappen race and had to get to second place.

A 21-year-old Dutchman had said earlier that he did not see the French after the race, but tried to avoid the weight of the driver, where he walked directly to him.

"We were in the weight room," said Oakon. "He wanted to hit me, he insisted me, and he wanted to be violent. It was not professional."

Ocon added that his rivalry with Verstappen "went back a few years" and said that he "has always been the same."

"I was behind the Max in two laps," Ocon said in Sky Sports. "On the first lap I was much faster and on the second lap I was much faster. The rules say that you are allowed to wrap yourself, so I do.

"I'm used to fighting Max. He's always been the same. It's been happening for a few years now."

Verstappens so much swore on the team radio that his comments moved after he described him as an "idiot".

Ocone was awarded a 10-second penalty kick for the drivers in the crash.

After a racial incident, the video clip soon became a virus, but Verstappen said he did not regret.

"I do not care what people say"

"He came out of the pit and had the right to rob, but the level of risk he received was not true," he explained.

"The stewardess gave him a penalty. You can say," Max, you should have given a room ", but we were not racing, and you did not expect it."

Asked about the confrontation and pushing Ocons, he said: "We are all passionate about sports, but it would be strange if I shake it. I do not care what people say.

"I'm the winner. To get it out and get a foolish response from them, I was not happy with that."

Verstappens told his team on launch that he was no better off getting to Ocon because of problems.

The Ocon incident shaded a great drive from Verstappen, who had charged the fifth to the grid to take the lead.

"At the moment, the car worked brilliantly, I do not know what to say. I enjoyed the second, but we had to win," added Verstappens.

The Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said: "I think Max has been quite limited, it cost him the Grand Prix victory.

"He spoke his heart with a damaged machine – Esteban was fortunate enough to avoid being tough to be honest. His emotions are very high, and I told him that he just had to manage to cool on his lap.

"The fee has lost victory in his own pursuit of today. What O'Connor thought there, it simply despises the faith. Why on earth he is competing for the leader?"

On Sunday, Verstappen was ordered by the FIA ​​to punish an incident for a "two-day public service".

Verstapants was very anxious about the incident on the track, and the stewardess said that he agreed with his explanation that it was not his intention to strike Ocon but that he was "triggered" and this led him to lose his temperament, "said the statement.

At the same time, 33-year-old Hamilton used the crash that led Verstappen in the lead at the final stages to regain the initiative, and then to rumble with worn tires, as Red Bull came in second place.

His victory allowed Mercedes to claim the fifth consecutive designer title.

Kimi Raikkonen ended third in his Ferrari 150 series for Daniel Ricciardo in the second Red Bull, Valtter Botta second Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel, who brought Ferrari sixth place.

The result ended Ferrari's hopes of stopping the Mercedes title triumph, brought Hamilton to his 10th year win and 72nd his career. It was also the first time he won the late season's race after winning drivers in the title.

"Today it was honorable to drive them (Mercedes)," Hamilton said.

Charles Leclerc seventh place in Sauber in seven games before two Haas cars run by Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen with Sergio Perez 10 for Force India.

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