Thursday , March 30 2023

Vodacom provides the right to live in the English FA Cup


CAPE TOWN – Vodacom announced on Tuesday that it had the right to live in the 2018/19 FA Cup using its Video Play platform, starting with R35.

Customers are also given the opportunity to buy a full ticket that gives them access to all live games, delayed games and highlights.

Vodacom said in his statement: “We are aware that football fans are passionate and are forced to communicate with each other while watching the game. We are also aware that many fans are experiencing problems with the cost of high monthly pay-TV subscriptions.

"We decided to put the FA Cup in our customers' pockets to let them watch their favorite teams, live their way. It is the first in South Africa where football fans can pay for the games they want to watch as little as the R35 games."

Vodacom customers can access video playback via this link on the web, or they can download the Android or iOS app.

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