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Vegan diet is the largest blood sugar balancing and satisfying study

When it comes to the best, balancing blood sugar and maintaining a healthy weight – though you still feel full and rich – are the top priorities. Fortunately, scientists have probably found the best diet by fulfilling all these goals at the same time.

Recent study participants were given only one vegan meal to gain all kinds of health benefits thanks to enhanced good intestinal hormones. Regardless of maintaining a full and healthy weight, these hormones increased insulin sensitivity and the ability of the body to use sugar.

But how do we know that these hormones actually used plant power? Researchers kept the number of calories and macronutrients in all meals that the participants ate, whether they were plant-based or meat and cheese. This means that the only real difference between what the participants ate was the presence of animal products.

Immediately after the meal, those who ate herb-based meals had a higher level of intestinal hormones and were likely to be full and satisfied.

These full abdominal feelings can come from all the fiber stuffed in plant feed. The fiber slows down the digestion of foods and is associated with lower levels of heart disease and reduces gastrointestinal disorders.

Still convincing? Eating a vegan diet, even occasionally, has a huge advantage on the planet. If diving in veganism seems a bit scary, start a small shift a couple of meals a week with those who are based on plants. Such strong health and planetary benefits may be worth trying out.

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