Monday , March 1 2021

US Army launches its Esports team, including Fortnite

Esports has steadily taken over the gaming world with more and more games, which are being added to the rivalry all the time. It seems that even the United States Army wants to engage in these activities, because the competing game esports are exactly what they use to recruit several young people to register on the service.

SSG Meaux, part of the army's esports team, moved to Reddit to begin recruiting. Currently, the army is looking for both a fitness team and an esports team to achieve the goal of interacting with others and assuming the future in another way.


"We actually have two new competitive information teams – the Army's eSports team and the Army Functional Fitness Team – the launch process," Meaux began. "Both teams will be part of the marketing and engagement team at Fort Knox. They will work like golden knights and an Army Excellence Team to raise awareness about the army and its capabilities."

He added: "Both teams will represent the army at competitions and events across the country. The eSports team will also be involved in the testing of Armenian spotlight beta, as well as training and simulation software to help demonstrate some of the advanced technology used by the army."

The motivation under the SSG is that many active members, veterans and those who are interested in admission have expressed interest in the growing world of competing espouses. Now that college students can get full grants based on this sport, it's not so surprising that the effects will continue to spread – even in our military.

"This initiative will help our soldiers to become more visible and more consistent with today's young people." Participants in the E-Sports and Functional Fitness Support Groups are not employers, "he added. "They will have a supporting role to help young people see the soldiers in another light and understand the different roles that people can have in the army. They will help the army to focus on growing disconnection with the public." "Competitive online games will be part of the eSports team's responsibilities and representation of the army in fitness competitions will be a major part from the Fitness Fitness Team. "

The benefits are the trip, the pay for the army, and other special perks that are unique to this new initiative. This is not the first rating, when the games and military force have settled, but it is interesting to see how the development of the world continues to evolve and what this means for all sectors of society – even the US army.

You can find out more about the recruitment page here as well as the individual registration of the veterans of the armed forces.

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