Tuesday , March 21 2023

The week was criticized for "homophobic" words about the new song Lost in the Fire


The week has criticized the "homophobic" text of its new singles.

The fire lost in cooperation with French DJ Gesaffelstein, Grammy's award-winning R&B singer refers to the woman's own attractiveness as a "phase" and promises to "fuck" [her] straight ”.

"You said you might be girls, you said you were going through a phase, keeping your heart safe, a good baby you could give to a friend, she could drive up your face while I killed you straight," he sings second Article.

Many have come to social media to offer their thoughts about songs, criticizing The Weeknd for bisexuality and homosexuality as a "phase" treatment and retaining the harmful idea that women can "turn the right person".

Writer Jill Gutowitz denoted the song "vile", and the homophobic words like Lost in the Fire are "unknowingly held [her] in the closet when she was younger.

"I used to joke that listening to the week was homophobic, but the songs from his new song that were lost in the fire really did," she tweeted.

"In 2019 we are still doing" fuck you straight "and calling the queerness" phase "of women?"

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