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The "naked ritual" murder stunned the policemen


Although the University of the city is located on the Upper West Manhattan, the Juilliard College is a small village in the lively city.

With one thousand students at a time and the reputation of the world's greatest art school, admission is very competitive.

Small, intense classes mean that students quickly interact with each other, so the disappearance of 21-year-old Sarah Fox in 2004 shook all at school.

Fox left her apartment one day to go to the nearest Inwood Hill Park and never return.

Julliard's students turned to the police; Maneuvering telephone lines searching for a park and nearby places. Six days after Sarah Fox disappeared for the first time, one of the seekers made a brutal discovery.

Her naked body was found in the mysterious forest park area, partially divided. She was frustrated, then she was nominated to be described as a "ritual" by a police officer. Her body is surrounded by tree branches and two dozen yellow tulip petals, evenly dividing the circle.

Upon revealing, a botanist who was called to the scene was checking one of the tulip petals and stated that it was removed only 24-48 hours before Fox's body was discovered and came elsewhere from the park.

Her improved state of decomposition meant that Fox might have been killed within an hour after leaving her home, and the killer later returned to the crime scene to put petals.

Aldis Gillian Jacobs was Julliard's student at that time, and she lost her friend to Sarah Fox.

"In the Gillian, you have a friend who is a mentor at the club's next club and she was my friend," Jacob explained to Marco Maron during the 2013 interview.

"She was just one of those magical people whom everyone loved, and everyone had the story of being some kind of kind or saying something for a while or giving them a blue card. And her friend had two classes above me and Everyone also loved her. It was horrible. "

Jacob helped with the search effort on putting up phones until Fox's death was destroyed in the most useful way.

"I answered the phone at the office, and this reporter called out and said:" They found their body. It's dead, everything is over, they found the naked bottom of the well, did you have any comments? "

"That's why I learned that they found their body."

No photo of Juilliard's student Sarah Fox.

No photo of Juilliard's student Sarah Fox.


The nature of the crime shocked the locals. Inwood Hill Park was a little isolated in the areas but was considered to be safe. The Manhattan neighborhood had a low crime rate, and the flourishing park was a popular venue for jogging and dog walkers. There, however, there were problems that caused many people to contact the detectives and suggest the obvious suspects.

Dimitrij Sheinmans, 39, has caused many enemies because he came to the park with a strange dog at the helm. Sheinman regularly struggles with other dog walkers who oppose his dog's permission to freely roam.

The police brought Sheinman to the question and was shocked by what he discovered.

He claimed that he had sudden sudden visions of all the murders, and Sheinman revealed information about a crime that was not disclosed to the public, for example, a wing was pressed on Fox's feet, and one of her ribs was broken. He also knew the location where the body was found, and explained how the killer chose the place because of the nearby car noise that drowned her crisis.

It is not surprising that the police thought that they had a man and had a DNA sample. Despite the seeming airtight affair, Sheinman could not be physically linked to the murder and was released. Police detained under their supervision, during which time he was arrested to remove other dogs walking on the face in the same park.

Sheinman served two months in jail for the attack, and after release, moved to Cape Town in South Africa. The police had lost their main suspect, and the case soon fell.

The researcher is looking for secrets at the crime scene Sarah's death.

The researcher is looking for secrets at the crime scene Sarah's death.


Sheinman clearly sees her innocence.

In 2012, he returned to New York and held a press conference on the steps of the 34th station station, in the same place as he originally questioned. In the eight years when Sheinman had lent his self-proclaimed sparkling skills and claimed that he had additional information about Fox's murder: "Information obtained through extra-sensory perception by means of other eraser rings, pointing to a possible assassin."

Again, the police rejected Sheinman's claims, and he returned to South Africa.

In 2014, he gave a really bizarre interview New York Post, in which he claimed that he was now in constant contact with Fox, who, in his opinion, was angry at the injustice associated with false accusations. He invited a Mail a reporter to his house in Cape Town and showed him the sanctuary imposed on him: the panel of glass is riveted with candles, animal figurines and a photo of Sarah Fox.

With this temple, Shein claims he is talking to Fox.

"You know when people ask," Does she get in touch with you? " "Of course she does," he tells the journalist.

"What else could she do?"

After the show Mail Reporter "The Real Killer" photo – "Sarah wants this guy in the blood," he explains – things are getting even heavier.

"Sometimes I walk and she guesses with me, you know. And she knows:" I know exactly what you do and I love you. "

"Now she just looked at me and created a bunch of faces. She knows what's going on. I can not speak it, but she knows exactly what's going on."


Since New York Post Interview Sheinman has changed his name to Victor and in writing and published a book about Sarah Fox's murder and investigation.

This book describes in detail the questioning of his police in a third person and includes his explanation of how his psychic sight began to be detained.

Sarah Fox's name is changed to Tara Wolfe throughout the book.

"Victor had the most wonderful feeling that it was related to the reality that was there at the depth of the park. Someone was clicking. He was pressed, watched somewhere in the direction of the bridge, closing the chin."

He explains in detail the where the murder took place and how it happened. It makes you nervous about reading, with phrases like, "Victor slowly looked at the stitches that slammed women in the chest and then abrupt pain from the touch screen!"; "Viktors was taken to the place of murder, stopped from above, observing the nightmare below."

The most shining thing is what he wrote: "Fortunately, the mechanism that would allow Victor not to see all the terrible changes that were made to the body of Tara was mixed up with the worst. He did not want to know what the" sick f * ck "was doing. He had to wasting it! Viter was feeling attentive to the entrance to the darkest room that can be imagined, after which the threshold is the mental illness of each of these worlds, leading to a sadism, when the creature, which has been converted to a pure survival regime, felt. The killer became a tiny, gorilla-shaped form , suddenly moving head in one way or another, making it quick to relax, trying to melt in a thicket. "


Sheinman is still living in Cape Town with her wife and two children these days. He has started a religion called The Power, and maintains the name of the rambling home Sheinman source. From this site, he offers "healing" and other visual services, including "that Victor can tell if technology is damaged and where is the justification," because even artificial machines, including non-mechanical objects, are simply souls who essentially want to be functional, well lubricated or at least not broken ".

Although such services are largely unsafe, the Power government seems simple. Victor Sheinman is known as The One, True Messiah, or a simple old Victor, and religious faith is largely unclear. The basic principle seems to be directed against Victor's ability to settle in suffering "to become the most compassionate being."

The book mentioned above is the main Articles on Power and the slides of the murder case in his trip to South Africa and the creation of The Power, when "Victor took responsibility with his fate".


At the same time, the murder of Sarah Fox in New York is now a cold thing that remains unresolved for 14 years.

Sheinman is still one of the suspects, and although two other men were subject to forensic examinations and surveys in 2013, these tests also lead to graduation.

The last update was two years ago when Lieutenant David Nilsen, leader of the NYPD Cold Case team, gave an interesting quote. Daily news, after the discovery they had another suspect, who also moved abroad. He claimed that this suspect was not Sheinman.

"It may not be a common stranger attack," he explained.

"For all we know, this is someone with whom she had a past relationship with many, many years. Some people never forget."

Nathan Jolly is a Sydney-based writer specializing in pop culture, music history, real crime and real romance. Follow him on twitter @nathanjolly

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