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The bank card skimmer receives 20 years in prison to pull drivers off the charge

Last year, 20 years after the bars, it is said that the Evander Regional Court placed Thabo Simon Ntuli, a bank card skimmer, working for Leandra Tell Plaza in Mpumalanga.

The fraudster was arrested in September 2016 when the Hawks' serious commercial crime investigation team searched for and stood at his stand.

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After his arrest with Toll Plaza, a complaint related to the fall of the cards was received.

"Hawks successfully linked more than 1,075 of these illegal numbers [card skimming] transactions with Leandra Toll Plaza, where Ntuli worked at that time, ”said police officer Captain Dineo Sekgotodi.

"Nululi would not lose his unsuspecting driver bank cards and store his data, which allowed him to access his funds through electronic transfers and cloned cards," he added.

The victims were drivers from Leslie, Secunda, Leandra and elsewhere in the country.

On Tuesday, Ntuli was sentenced to 20 years in prison for fraud committed Regulation of interception of communications and provision of communication information.

Mpumalanga Hawks Head Major General Zodwa Mokoen praised the investigation and prosecution teams for providing justice.

Last year, the same court ordered Gegham Simon Mahlang four years in jail for Trichardt Toll Plaza kidnapping accidental drivers over R40,000.

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