Tuesday , March 2 2021

The anticipated shooter "Void Bastards" combines FPS and strategy game comic book aesthetics

At the end of the week, the Microsoft X018 event was busy. Mexico hosted a celebration for all Xbox events, and a lot of exciting news fell on it. One of these exciting magic wipers is featured in a completely new game, revealing Void Bastard. As the title suggests, this game is about it being just that. In the middle of the event, Void Bastard comes from the developer Blue Manchu, a studio that is best known for his recent PC card game: Card Hunter. Under the guidance of Irrational Games co-founder Jonathan Chey (director of System Shock 2 and Bioshock), Blue Manchu ensures that Void Bastard is not your typical shooter. Rather, it happens with the term "strategy shooter". All of this is based on a magnificent action-packed trailer and one filled with content to show exactly what we can expect.

upcoming shooter-void-bastards-combines-fps-and-strategy-gameplay-in-a-comic-book-esthetic-screenshot

Void Bastard you play as random "wrong" prisoners who steal space ships to collect their booty and supplies. There is a tone of different prisoners' characters to choose from and each has its strengths, weaknesses, and tricks. This will not only be one of those to choose from; Rather, you will control one and assign orders to everyone else. By assigning them some tasks on board each spacecraft, your experience will or will be stopped, depending on whether you have been given the right job. If you are not strategically planning your heist, you will play it from a first person shooter perspective. The whole game is touching in the cel-shaded, poppy-comic art style, which really results in unsatisfactory performance with a more appropriate punch.

Expected Shooter-void-bastards-combines-fps-and-strategy-gameplay-in-a-comic-book-aesthetics-screenshot-2

If during your mission your inmate friends are killing, you can choose from an "unlimited offer" more. The boat you collect on boats is not only a show, but also. Returning to the base, you will be able to use what you found for new innovations, new weapons and others, ensuring that future missions are even easier (hopefully). According to Blue Manchu, the game campaign can take you anywhere from 12 to 15 hours in total, which is a decent size for this FPS of this type. The core of the game will include choosing your options. As the trailer warns, you want to be careful not to allow over-greedy boat robbery. Excessive over-the-counter can lead to unsuccessful consequences, which means that your inmate will be killed in order for the next to happen. All in all, the experience looks like the best of the combined FPS and strategy genres.

Expected Shooter-void-bastards-combines-fps-and-strategy-gameplay-in-a-comic-book-aesthetics-screenshot-3

So when can we get hands on the game? Void Bastards is currently set to only the 2019 release window, but when it comes, it will run on both the Windows PC and the Xbox One. There are no other versions of the console, which means the game will become a major challenge for the Xbox One community. Finally, Blue Manchu plans to hold the Xbox Game Pass one day, so those subscribing to this service can immediately play the game from day one. For computer players, you will be able to buy and download a game using Humble Bundle or Steam. Fortunately, it already has a page on both sites, so you should go to this look if you want to read the game. The open trailer below is also good for it, so do not forget to watch it. With the announcement of Void Bastard, the 2019 full catalog only continues to grow, rising distances.

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