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Sony Approves February 2019 PS Plus Is PS3 and Vita Final Update

Playstation Plus Ps3 Vita Games

Sony has unveiled PlayStation Plus games in February 2019, and with the announcement, the company has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4: Patriot, Gunhouse, Rogue Aces and Divekick weapons are the last names on PlayStation 3 and Vita.

This news should not be a surprise if you've been with it, as Sony announced for the first time that at the end of recent years, February ended with two aging platforms. As of March 2019, only PlayStation 4 games will be available if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

It is currently unclear whether Sony wants to replace PS3 and Vita with something else. The company has just announced that the cloud storage space for participants will increase from 10GB to 100GB, but we are sure that it is not quite a smooth trade.

To be honest, we think Sony will only make two PS4 games once a month and leave it, so we recommend not trusting your expectations. You have to remember that the PS5 is visible on the horizon, and PlayStation Plus has to go through another change to adapt to the next generation console.

However, let us know about your thoughts on this potentially sensitive topic in the comments section below.

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