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Santander Openbank migrates to AWS

The Banco Santander branch, located just in digital form, has opened its doors to cloud computing for all Amazon Web services.

Opened in 1995 as a telephone banking solution, Openbank resumed its work last year only in digital form, transferring all IT assets and customer transactions to the cloud.

This unit, which has 1.3 million customers in Spain, is now using the AWS production load, including its website, mobile applications and the main banking system.

The main reason for cloud migration is Santander's plan to expand Openbank internationally using AWS's global infrastructure to increase redundancy and error tolerance by replicating key systems in different geographic regions.

Cristóbal Miralles, chief technology officer and operations manager at Openbank, says: "AWS has enabled us to build a safe and reliable digital banking in a multinational environment, complying with European rules at a record time.

"We use the widest range of cloud services to develop our customer service models and help meet stringent requirements for stakeholders and regulators who need transparency and evidence of robust security architectures that protect both our customers and our private data."

The bank is also planning to use AWS's advanced machine translation technologies such as Amazon SageMaker to automate tasks related to financial operations and use more analytic capabilities to gain insight into what customers want.

AWS also revealed that it was signed by Ellie Mae and Guardian Life Insurance this week. Says Guardian's Dean Del Vecchio: "AWS has helped the Guardian get ahead of the insurance industry, based on new technologies and changing customer expectations."

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