Tuesday , May 30 2023

Royal fans touch Queen Elizabeth as Megxit report approaches: “No need to return”


Fans urge Queen Elizabeth to permanently replace Kate Middleton and Prince William with Meghan and Harry

It seems that Prince Harry and Megan Mark can never return to Britain’s royal family, even if they want to.

As the Megxit report approaches, the royal fan has unleashed an attack on Sussexes, urging the queen not to wait for them anymore!

According to some, Meghana and Harry should not be allowed to return or change the Megxit deal.

Meanwhile, some are talking about Kate Midltone and Prince William taking on Sussex responsibilities.

A fan on social media commented, “Harry was never a star, it was always Will and his family.”

The second explosion: “Prince William will not be able to undo Harry’s damage to his reputation.”

Another snorted: “Sussexes got the impression that they were stars, but the stars were only for Hollywood, not the monarchy!

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