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Overview: 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro: Dark Beast [Video]


The 2018 iPad Pro is the most attractive new iPad that will be released from the original. Since all previous iPad models have been more or less significant but have gradually improved and improved, this new 2018 iPad is a tablet that Apple wanted to do.

Due to its flat edges, the iPad Pro 2018 looks vaguely similar to the original version, but that's when the similarities suddenly end. This machine is an absolute monster in so many areas, from its "full screen" front panel, its ridiculously fast CPU, up to a large amount of flash memory and memory.

But performance is just part of the story. The 2018 iPad Pro offers many additional enhancements and improvements, as well as a number of direct responses to complaints about previous hardware versions.

Unfortunately, IOS is still a big potential crowd of potential users. IOS has improved in recent years, but it still goes to the much-needed oxygen equipment. The good news is that the iOS 13 is less than a year away, and it is rebuked that the iPad makes changes and improvements, thus eliminating some of the disadvantages that are currently disturbing the experience.

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Visually stunning display

It's hard to explain by just saying the difference between the new iPad Pro and its chassis transformed. The display really dominates this iteration, for example, no version before it. It's similar to how to go from iPhone 8 to iPhone X, but it's even more eye popping considering a large device.

But this is not just a greenhouse or lack thereof, and it's not just rounded corners that make such eye candy. This is the culmination of years of accessories sewn together. There is a real tone that balances the white dot of the display to match the ambient light, and you have a wide color gamut P3 that provides so great a display with vivid colors.

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These aforementioned items, together with a brightness of 600 and an impressive pre-advertising cover, make up a display that is nearly 3D in nature. The text and photos seem almost to be positioned due to the color depth, clarity, accuracy, brightness and environmental resistance of the surface of the screen.

And let's not forget about ProMotion. This was undoubtedly the main improvement over the release last year, and of course it appears in the 2018 iPad models. ProMotion automatically adjusts the display refresh rate to a finer 120 Hz based on your current task.

Two screen sizes

As in the past year, the iPad Pro users have two screen sizes options, with the exception of this year, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro was replaced with a 11-inch model. Both sizes are still different, but the 12.9-inch iPad Pro felt slightly less impressive thanks to the updated design.

Do not worry, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is still very big and the challenge is to hold one hand for a long time, but Apple says it's 25% smaller, which greatly reduces the footprint. If portability is your main problem, you could still choose a 11-inch model, because it's easier to to around, but the decision will not be as black and white as it was last year.

With a larger version, you can run two full-screen applications alongside and get a slightly better Smart Keyboard Folio experience. The 11-inch display is still as functional as it's beautiful, but movies, games, websites and just about everything else are more in love with the 12.9-inch display.

Incredibly thin

The original iPad, which Steve Jobs revealed in 2010, was just 13 mm thick – at that time it was a very thin tablet. The iPad Pro 2018 is a completely different platform for the plan, but it measures only 5.9 mm thick. To achieve this, if you cut the original iPad halfway, you still need to shave an extra 0.6mm away to be the same as the new iPad Pro rigidity.

Last year's iPad Pro models were extremely slim, and the 12.9-inch model was only 6.9 mm. The new iPad Pro blocks an extra 1.0 mm – 15% thinner than before – this brings about significant hand differences.

No start buttons

The iPad has long been offering gesture controls, but the Home Removal button is a whole new era for the tablet line, in which gesture management takes full control of steering. Like the iPhone X and subsequent iPhone icon exceptions without a button, everything on the iPad, with a few exceptions, is done using gestures.

IOS 12 has several iPad-based changes that envisaged this inevitable action, so it's not surprising that the new iPad encourages users to rely heavily on gesture control.

Using gestures, you can use the app switcher, quickly switch between apps, go back to the home screen, and so on. It takes a lot of time to get to the home button, but after a few hours, the iPad used normal Pro

TrueDepth camera

The TrueDepth camera system, which initially created a huge sparkle with the launch of the iPhone X, is being launched for the first time on the iPad. TrueDepth combines various technologies into a single sensor housing used to carry out several functions of the iPad Pro.

Unlike the iPhone iPad Pro, the so-called crop is not found, since the sensor casing is hidden in the tablet's frame.

The TrueDepth camera system allows iPad users to enjoy features like Animoji and Memoji for the first time. As you can do with iPhone X-era phones, users can create animated and custom memory avatars – share them with messages and group face-to-face conversations.

TrueDepth makes portrait mode an opportunity, as well as Selfie's views on Apple's own clipboard app. Third-party developers may also use camera depth-of-field maps to create new experiences with downloadable apps.

Face ID

The new iPad loses the Touch ID, which is a home-removal button, but it gets something even better: Face ID. Compared to the Touch ID, there is a more convenient biometric authentication option, Face ID is a technology tested on battles on the iPhone X version.

The iPad's Face ID works just like the iPhone, except that it is even more capable, thanks to the ability to cope with different orientations – portrait or landscape – and different viewing angles that are common to the iPad Pro.

Face ID allows you to unlock the iPad Pro, pay with Apple Pay and log in applications simply by looking at the TrueDepth camera. Technology is one of the best hardware enhancements, and is far from removing friction from the iPad experience.

Modified 12 megapixel camera

Since the new iPad Pro is particularly delicate, there are far fewer places to shoot the camera beyond the borderline. Apple's website notes that it has redesigned the 12 megapixel camera to fit in smaller areas just behind the new iPad Pro.

The next year's iPad Pro's six-element lens replaces the 2018 version with a five-element lens, evidently because of the lack of space. Specifically, the optical image (OIS), a feature that makes it easier to capture images hand-in-hand, and enhances low-light photography, is completely out of the year's refresher process.

Because OIS needs a physical lens movement, it probably needs more space than was available on the iPad Pro's slim bezel area. To be sure, this is a disappointing reality for people who regularly take photos and videos with their iPads. The lack of OIS is the result of video footage, which is less subtle than that of the iPad Pro last year.

This means that the iPad Pro 2018 has some great camera enhancements. Initially, here's the smart HDR, which is the first feature of the iPhone XS. With a neural engine, Smart HDR enhances exposure shots with excellent illumination or shadows, combining multiple photos together to ensure equal exposure.

The Smart HDR now has a stereo recording and 4K24 / 4K60 resolution / frame rate options for video shooters. Additionally, if the back camera settings are set to 60 FPS, the TrueDepth camera will capture 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Improved speakers and microphones

The new subwoofer and tweeter pair make it look all four corners of the iPad. The setting provides a wider stereo sound view to get a bigger cinematic experience. Apple notes that it is the most comprehensive speaker system ever designed, but it actually sounds better than last year's iPad Pro, which was already surprisingly noisy.

However, even with these improvements, physics denies the iPad Pro the kind of rich deep bass that you get from the right stereo with more space to exhaust air. The speakers sound decent what they are, but the sound still emanates from a 5.9 mm thin body. Customize your expectations accordingly and pack the headphone over when sound is important to you.

In addition, the 2018 iPad Pro now has five microphones, compared to the previous year's model's two-microphone settings. Additional chips provide enhanced FaceTime call quality and stereo recording while recording video.

A12X Bionic

It's no secret that Apple has completely killed the microchip design game in recent years, and so far, this new A12X Bionic is the biggest testimony. This chip is an absolute beast, and it's around the past year's model, which was already fast.

The A12X Bionic is an example of Apple's smartphone design in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it's the eight main monster, which is 35% faster than previous-generation single-core operations, and slightly more than 90% faster in multi-core operations.

Thanks to the Custom Performance Controller, all eight CPU cores can be used at the same time, first of all with iPad. This creates the performance of the MacBook Pro class, which is absurd, as it is located in a passively-cooled 5.9mm thin chassis.

But it's not just a CPU that produces impressive results. The 7-core GPU delivers up to 2x performance gains compared to previous-generation hardware, enabling Apple to use the Xbox One S-Class GPU performance.

Flash memory and memory

The iPad Pro is available for the first time on 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and iOS – 1 GB of flash memory. Taking 1TB of flash memory on board is a great experience for professionals, especially those who edit RAW photos and videos.

As you may recall, 1TB iPad Pro models are very expensive, watches nearly $ 2,000 after tax. However, there is one big advantage that 1TB SKU is more than any other iPad Pro model: 6 GB of RAM.

Indeed, Apple adds an extra 2GB of RAM to its high end 1TB iPad Pro, which is a major upgrade that can help boost tablet lifetime.


Apple's shifting effect from lightning to USB-C to the iPad Pro is instantly felt as soon as you disconnect the device. Inside you will find a USB-C charging cable as well as a new 18W charger that can replenish the battery faster than the old 12W charger.

In addition to the new USB-C charger, Apple manufactures several USB-C dongles for use with the iPad Pro. The USB port has USB-C to SD card reader, USB-C to headphone jack and USB-C to USB adapter.

Users can also connect third-party USB-C devices, such as nodes, Ethernet adapters, microphones, and more. Unfortunately, iOS still lacks interface with mass storage devices, so connecting USB flash drive or SSD is not yet a question. Here's the hope that iOS 13 will bring about the necessary changes in this area.

Apple Pen and Smart Folio Keyboards

The users of the iPad Pro have two necessary accessories, and, unbelievably, they are Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio.

The second-generation Apple Pencil is a brand new device with a whole new design and functionality. The original Apple Pencil was presented with low levels of latency and ease of use, but its design was not perfect.

Frequently, charging, pairing, storage, and incorrect placement of caps were criticized. The New Apple Pencil provides answers for each of these complaints.

The new Magnetic Connector on the iPad Pro side lets users:

  • Keep Apple pencil with magnetic fastener
  • Charge the Apple Pen with Inductive Charging
  • A pair of Apple pencils

When connected to the Magnetic Connector, iOS will display a short popup window that displays the current battery life of the Apple Pencil.

The second generator pen also removes a removable cover that could easily be lost or replaced with the original version.

Apple Pencil 2 gains a new double-tap gesture that lets you switch between notebooks and current annotations on the eraser. The gesture can be further configured in Settings> Apple Pen, while third-party apps may include custom gestures in their apps.

Like Apple Pencil 2 Smart Keyboard Folio is designed to handle common complaints from previous iterations. One big complaint about the latest generation of smart keyboards is that it was not provided on the back of the iPad Pro. The new "folio" form factor is trying to eliminate these concerns.

Another problem was the lack of viewing angles. In response, Apple delivers two magnetically added viewing angles that can be controlled by airplane. And a stronger magnetic system makes lap recording more comfortable and more confident, causing the case.

As you can see, the 2018 iPad Pro is one of the most impressive hardware refreshes we've ever seen in Cupertino. The A12X processor and GPU provide enormous performance boost, and the Neural Engine supports things like added reality and Smart HDR photos.

The significantly reduced frame and Liquid Retina display, which elegantly fits the radius of the iPad's frame, looks a little bit years ahead of last year's iPad Pro. And it's not just about the look, the reduced bezels produce a significantly smaller footprint, especially the 12.9-inch model. The iPad Pro 2018 is also slimmer than its predecessor, adopting flat 90-degree corners that look modern.

FaceID makes friction great for unlocking and logging in to apps and websites. And long rumored to switch to USB-C, although this is not exactly what we would like now, as far as peripheral support is concerned, is already paying dividends with a faster 18W power adapter kit.

Apple has responded to customer expectations on many fronts with the iPad Pro 2018, including the two necessary peripherals – Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio. Now the Apple Pencil with Inductive Charging and Magnetic Mount now attracts more space for iPad iPad users and is ready for use with an always-charged device. And the Smart Keyboard Folio, which now covers the front and rear of the iPad Pro, has a much stronger attachment thanks to the revamped magnet system and two viewing angles.

Indeed, it's down a significant improvement over the previous generation iPad Pro, but it's beneficial. The preferred 1TB version with 6 GB RAM, if configured with the Apple Pen and Smart Keyboard Folio, has exceeded $ 2,000 – the iPad Pro is not just a professional by name, but it launches an area where people expect their money back through productivity, what the device offers.

Unfortunately, as we have proven, the iPad Pro is probably just as beautiful as iOS, it's still hands-on for a number of key areas. Simple things like transferring files from an SD card did not work at all. And the fact that the media can be thrown off only on the Photo app, means that iCloud memory can be unnecessarily cluttered with huge files.

Despite the adoption of Apple's adoption of USB-C, mass storage devices such as external SSDs and USB flash drives are still not booty until iOS arrives to say something about it. The device, which has been around for about 8 years and now costs as well as a fitted laptop, is simply not acceptable.

Yes, many people can do things in their professional life with the iPad, as it is now. And even those who like me who are struggling with the iOS heavy hand probably would do this by adjusting my workflow to the forefront and jumping through various other hoops. With a $ 599- $ 999 machine, I think we'll live with it, but I do not agree with a device that's just as expensive as the iPad Pro 2018.

Fortunately, the iOS 13 is less than a year away, and there's a rumor that some of the pain points that iOS is dealing with on the iPad. Here, hoping WWDC 2019 will be the place where the beast is lost.

What do you think and guys? See below for comments with your thoughts and opinions.

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