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"Nine years of waste are political dishonesty: Zuma

"To help clean the air for nine years, I have to report what we did. What would be unfortunate because I might be forced to do it as ANC and the head of government."

"These statements, these statements actually say… to guys", we, ANC, we couldn't, for nine years we wasted things, but please vote for us. "You can't say when the vote is coming.

"Because people can't vote for you to ignore them. Instead of highlighting things that have been done, I don't understand. That's why my opinion is that it should be in the sense of things that I don't even know," Zuma added. .

He said there was wrong information that nothing had happened in his nine years.

"I don't understand, absolutely. I think it should stop because it doesn't help. It really makes us start thinking about it publicly. I think it's not absolutely correct and I don't want to be silent because at that time I was obliged to run ANC and so, especially when I heard what Tito said, I think it's important to fix it, ”added Zuma.

He said some people have made him a scapegoat for everything that was wrong and he was prepared as a "numbered corrupt man" in the country.

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